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PocoMail & Gmail... whew!

security threats abound and while email software, when accessing their ISP sends usernames, passwords and data un-encrypted, for one, am happy to see ISPs requiring the encryption of this information. google mail requires the use of ports 995 and 465/587 and both incoming and outgoing authentication. google mail requires it and well, the otherwise most splendid pocomail 3.2 does not yet natively support outgoing SSL.

yet, STunnel may be set up as an SSL conduit for one's smpt server on just a few steps.
  1. download the following into a new directory such as c:\program files\STunnel.

    libeay32.dll w libssl32.dll w stunnel-4.04.exe w stunnel.pem

    if using windows xp (home edition, sp2 here) remember to copy the two dll files into \windows\system directory [\WINNT\system if using Windows 2000]. i use windows xp home edition sp2; i placed these files in the c:\windows\system directory.

  2. using any text editor such as editPad or even notepad create a file containing the entries below and save it as stunnel.conf making certain you've selected save as type:ALL files.

    client = yes
    debug = debug

    accept =
    connect = smtp.gmail.com:465

  3. set up stunnel to run.
    right click on the stunnel.exe file and select create shortcut, thus placing a shortcut in the stunnel folder.

    running this programme only when needed diminishes security risks by opening certain ports when required instead of keeping them open ali the time.

  4. incoming tab:
    set up your gmail account in pocomail as follows:

    bgeneral tab
    server: pop.gmail.com:995
    username: gmailusername@gmail.com
    password: whatever yours is
    servertype: pop

    check "enable secure connection (ssl)"

    check "account server settings"
    check "use outgoing server authentication"
    username: yourgmailusername@gmail.com
    password: whatever yours is
    authentication type: login

  5. and it works splendidly!