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thank you to all those who've written and phoned regarding blog updates. the site has been unavoidably neglected during the last few post-election weeks due to a harsh combination of very serious computer trouble and circumstance (read, life) which prevented me from resolving anything as quickly as i wished. yet i've been putting pen to paper constantly and there's plenty i shall share in time, which is happily in keeping with my goal to use this medium to develop deeper and more personal commentary on anything and everything of interest to me, rather than allowing it to become overwhelmingly a conduit for the thoughts of others. debate and opinion in the comments not withstanding!

presently lacking the small fortune i need and would like to invest in another brilliant top-end system, the painstaking and rather tedious upgrading of the current one is paramount. only then can i begin what to me is quite an enlightening and entertaining fun task: optimising and customising the box to meet my needs. see, while most already live or suffer the advantages or hell of MS WIndows XP, this OS is new to me and while performance has dramatically improved, there's much work ahead. and it just occured to me that i should share these fixes so those so inclined can give them a go.

for instance, one of the first things i did after installation of the new OS (which took four ninety-six-munutes-plus attempts) was open explorer. it infuriatingly targets the My Documents directory by default and i knew there must be a fix to make it open a different one.

my search was productive and so the next entry shall contain the first of the improvements i intend to implement.