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the cd writer issue

i've just found a possible solution to one of my computer problems at nero's hardware faqs:

5. i have the hp 8200 usb recorder and nero does not recognise it. why?

the company says that after the release of nero the software fails to recognise the hp8200 and some other hp usb recorders on some systems and believes this to be a conflict with their wnaspi32.dll driver and the usb bridge used by hp. they suggest i please address myself to their technical support in order to get another wnaspi32.dll.

well, i wrote just before i began writing this entry and i've already received a preliminary answer (it's a german company, you know) stating that «since the release of the service pack 2 for windows xp, queries regarding nero's compatibility with windows have increased and so simply, the most current version of nero should be installed». rpoblem is that it doesn't quite tell me if the winaspi32 and hp usb writer issue is addressed by the latest version of the software. i think i'll wait a bit for the proper response to my inquiry.

(anybody replacing/upgrading their external usb writer is welcome to consider donating it to arcana imperii given that the hp 8200 is indeed a dinosaur which writes at a max speed of, well, 4x [sigh]. please note that it's always done so reliably, accurately and in a most dignified manner, though.