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partial dilbert...

partial dilbert

i've been reading the box which contained my accursed copy of windows xp sp2 home edition and i haven't found any warnings regarding the havoc the installation would wreaks absolute havoc on my previously perfectly configured and fine-tuned system. no warnings that it would simply refuse to recognise a usb cd-rw as such, or that when properly installed applications which previously worked brilliantly wouldn't notice the hardware's presence now, that win xp would whimsically disappear folders and identities from outlook express, that there'd be no proper instructions to set up just a bloody single-user, non-sharing, private account with the inalienable right to access and control everything on one's own bloody machine, that it would automatically configure itself to gobble up storage space in the mega-bytes daily by caching and logging and indexing every second of everything in the system.

i want nothing more than to bloody microsoft for every single second of my life i've ever wasted servicing their own bloody software, damn and blast! i'm furious!