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pocomail 3.2 / gmail error

despite repeatedly following instructions and recommendations to configure pocomail 3.2 (the very best email client i've ever used) for gmail (pop) i can't manage to send email from the client, which logs a server timeout error if configured for port 465 and a 530 5.7.0 must issue a STARTTLS command first error if using port 587. email retrieval works splendidly. my understanding is that pocomail 3.2 has been engineered to support StartTLS/TLS/STLS yet i don't know what i'm missing. i tick everything i'm supposed to in the configuration options yet, alas, the error persists. note that i'm using windows xp home edition firewall yet not even configuring an exception specifically for port 587 produces the desired results. the pocomail fora were down today and the web hasn't yielded a working solution. any ideas? anybody?!