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more than just an online profile

spotted round the net. quite moving indeed.

«today i learned that i am now hiv positive, addicted to many things (mostly men) and forever and always rushing into relationships for all the wrong reasons. but, from each man i have "fallen" for, on this difficult path to bitterness, i have drawn strength, gained wisdom, and a much better understanding of who i am as a human being. an individual.

we surely know ourselves better than anyone else. i know that i am stubborn, rude, spoiled, impatient, and extremely insecure. this is not an excuse, it is who i am. and those that have taken the time, like my family and my true friends, also know i am a little bit more than just an online profile. now... i... want... more.»

edited by yours truly. author's handle and additional particulars withheld.