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tell him! tell bush! tellhim.no!

yes, the spelling is intentional and accurate: tellhim.no!

«when the norwegian government doesn't pass along to george w bush the opinion of the norwegian people on the iraqi war, we have feel we ought to tell him ourselves. this is why two ads appear in today's edition of the washington post (12 october 2004). today we clearly make known out our opinion and concern about the war in iraq.

more than 80% of all norwegians oppose the US led war in iraq. a majority also favours the withdrawal of norwegian forces from iraq. still, norway is perceived worlwide as an uncritical supporter of the US "war on terror". norway is on the "willing list" of countries that support this policy, and george w bush even mentioned norway specifically in his state of the union address this year.

tellhim.no have therefore collected money to place two ads in the washington post where we explain the prevailing norwegian opinion about the war in iraq, and bush's foreign policy.

we do not think the us "war on terror" decreases the threat of terrorism; we believe it does the opposite. we opposing the continued war in iraq as the bush administration continues to lack a plan to secure peace and pave the way to the establishment of a strong and legitimate democracy there. we strongly condemn the continued harassment, torture and murder of civilians in the hands of extremists and are puzzled by their impunity in the face of the presence of US and "coalition" armed forces in iraq.

please email any comments and ideas for wider international dissemination of this campaign to post@tellhim.no.»

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