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questions dick cheney must answer

dick cheney, chief architect of the bush administration's failed policies on the war on terror, energy, and much more, has been the campaign's most relentless attack dog, proving over and over again that he will say anything to keep his hold on power. the democratic national committee feels these are some of the questions cheney must answer in tonight's debate:

1. do you still stand by the following statements?
  • «simply stated, there is no doubt that saddam hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.»

  • «[saddam] had long established ties with al qaeda.»

  • «if we make the wrong choice, then the danger is that we'll get hit again.»

  • 2. while our soldiers risk their lives in iraq, halliburton has been accused of overcharging taxpayers. as the previous CEO of halliburton, do you feel any responsibility for halliburton's misdeeds? did you contribute to the corporate culture that encourages deception?

    3. you have never released the records of your energy task force meetings from 2001. why do you refuse to tell the american public who you met with to write the nation's energy policies?

    4. how much have you personally saved from the bush tax giveaways [and reduction in services], and how many jobs did you create with the money you saved?

    NB: the hallibuttal: learn about dick cheney's record through the eyes of editorial cartoonists.