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«it's the IQ, stupid!»

tim grieve got it just right in his salon.com article. [the honourable senator] john kerry didn't [quite] destroy george w bush in the presidential debate last night. john kerry didn't turn water into wine [why is he expected to?], and he might not have turned any red states blue [and only shameful and reprehensibly stubborn, ignorant, anti-progressive voters would be to blame along with anybody who doesn't get off their arses to cast a vote for the kerry/edwards ticket]. but for ninety minutes, john kerry put george w bush on the defensive. for ninety minutes, john kerry looked like he could [can and should] be president. and for the moment -- for the moment [moment indeed given the attention span of my fellow citizens and the illogical and irresponsible fear-monguering of the administratrion]-- a race that once seemed lost suddenly seems [IS] alive again.

john kerry won.

have a look at this brilliant cartoon and "european" perspective.