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the winning argument blog: « you know you're right. now prove it»

such is indeed the name of a most brilliant blog i discovered this morning upon a brief visit to the bloggerforum. the writer's description and invitation to debate reads: most of the political debate in this country does not occur behind podiums but in backyards [gardens], bus stops and ball parks. this blog is an effort to give you – or at least those of you who agree with us – the arguments you need to convince others that you're right. if you disagree with the opinions expressed here, please make your case in the comments section. please note that a link has been added to the politics & section of the sidebar.

this is the latest [ed.] entry:

«americans still don't know the real george w bush.»

why you're right:

1. 84% of bush supporters believe bush supports labour and environmental standards in trade agreements. wrong. bush does not want any labour and environmental standards to stand in the way of free trade agreements and rejects requiring them and enforcing. (pipa, white house)

2. 72% of bush supporters believe bush supports a treaty banning land mines. wrong. 150 countries have signed the mine ban treaty, which outlaws land mines and requires countries to destroy their remaining mines within four years. the US has refused to sign this treaty (pipa, UN wire)

3. 66% of bush supporters believe bush supports the international criminal court (icc). wrong. the UN security council has twice adopted US-sponsored resolutions exempting US personnel from prosecution by the icc. (pipa, washington post)

why they're wrong:

just because bush says he is clear on his positions, doesn't means he is so. bush has hit kerry on flip-flopping, but bush seems to be the true flip-flopper[*], confusing even his own supporters. kerry's followers proved to know their candidate on the issues better than bush supporters know theirs, with 90% aware that kerry supports labour and environmental standards in trade agreements, 79% that he supports banning land mines, and 59% know where he stands regarding the icc. (pipa)

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*well, we know bush nt just seems, but IS actually the flip-flopper-in-chief. view poster! ~arcana imperii.