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security threats should benefit kerry NOT bush

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minnesota senator closing dc office amid security threat
[posted: 09:54 edt 13 october 2004 / updated: 09:58 edt 13 october 2004]

washington -- a congressional official says a threat assessment update given to senators was less alarmist than one that prompted one senator to close his office across the street from the US capitol.

minnesota democrat mark dayton said he closed the office after a top-secret intelligence report made him fear for his staff's safety. staffers will work from minnesota offices or places in other parts of washington. dayton added he got worried after listening to the warning given by senate majority leader bill frist [ugh] two weeks ago, but officials who don't want to be identified by name say the first threat warning has been updated. federal officials say they have no new intelligence indicating the US capitol complex is a target in the run-up to election day.

some republicans accuse dayton of being an alarmist and sending a message to terrorists that «they scared you out of your own government».

the question is entirely appropriate. fear-mongering or? what message does this send to the average MN eligible voter? that things are indeed dangerous? well i hope so, i think... because this being the land of most brilliant garrison keillor i doubt they'll be as obtuse as to think they should support bush&co for "protection and safety," instead of voting for the kerry/edwards ticket.

that dayton's been accused of being an alarmist by republicans leads me to speculate that perhaps they agree with my assessment! dayton can indeed strengthen support for his party among base, the undecided, fence-straddlers and perhaps even some somewhat enlightened repubs, by rightly linking bush&co to present and increasing danger as result of their misguided policies and actions.

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