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voter registration fraud reported

george knapp of klas-tv in las vegas reported today on an alleged voter registration scam perpetrated by employees of voters outreach of america, a firm with confirmed contractual ties to the republican party (the republican national committee). the firm hired about three hundred temporary workers who were to register eligible voters at grocery stores, shopping malls and even the car parks or pavement (sidewalks) at government offices such as the department of motor vehicles (dmv) and election department (in the last two instances giving voters the impression of government affiliation). these workers were apparently specifically instructed to register only republicans and avoid registering democrats and given training which included "techniques to identify republicans and democrats". as it turn out, those who registered as democrats were not given the receipt which would allow one to verify registration and furthermore, office managers and supervisors were caught deliberately tearing up and throwing away properly signed, valid, democrat registrations.

hear expanded coverage from npr's michele norris (all things considered) and klas-tv george knapp report on the developing story.