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the final presidential debate

the democratic national committee feels these are some of the questions bush must answer in tonight's third and final presidential debate:

  • in july 2003, well after the 9/11 attacks on america, your administration projected that your tax giveaways would create 5.5 million jobs by the end of 2004. instead, you are the first president in 72 years to lose jobs. when are you going to admit that your policies have failed, and what is your plan to change course?

  • five million americans have lost health insurance during your tenure, and the costs of health care are rising while wages are falling. your prescription drug bill doesn't control the rising cost of medication, but it includes a us$100 billion giveaway to drug companies and HMOs. do you have any plans to address america's health care crisis?

  • america has gone from a record surplus of us$236 billion to a record deficit of us$422 billion. your tax giveaways [and reduction in services provided], which went overwhelmingly to the wealthiest sliver of americans, are responsible for two-thirds of the deficit. why should our children and grandchildren pay for your tax cuts for the wealthiest americans?

  • you have weakened protections that keep our air and water clean. you let energy companies write your energy policy. you took the burden for cleaning up pollution away from polluters and put it onto taxpayers. how can you justify these policies to the average american family?

  • in the previous debate, linda grabel asked you to name three mistakes you've made as president, and you failed to name a single one. how does not admitting your mistakes make you a better president?

  • NB: debate fun: play bush debate bingo! lol