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ben hatzlalim baneshama...

«a stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind.» ~henry david thoreau, naturalist and author (1817-1862)

how à propos... not that i thought my apparent jocosity could fool anyone these days...
via wordsmith.

the scuT missile

nope, don't mean the missile, but but the last word in this week's series at wordsmith's which was dedicated to insults... one's left a bit disappointed since the hope was for something rare, poignant, exquisite as promised, haha... i'd rather revert to my series of attributable and non-attributable insults i published for a few weeks on friday's. in fact, i should have a look and pick my favourites... they all described a scut of gargantuan proportions and no, they are certainly not about you.

so while the compact oxford english dictionary defines this noun of unknown origin as the short tail of a hare, rabbit or deer, our fellow lovers of language over at wordsmith's give us, additionally, a worthless, contemptible fellow. actually, i like it. short and sweet, to be used perchance as in «you are a preposterously pedestrian reptile and a depraved scut; a toe-sucking mass of existential impotence.» ;-)

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three more

tuesday's insult, courtesy of wordsmith, was rampallion, a nice word of unknown origin meaning ruffian or scoundrel, an adjective i unfortunately know very well. sadly we all seem to know a villain, a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately, eller?

yesterday's was effete [iFEET], an adjective meaning over-refined and ineffectual, marked by decadence or self-indulgence, effeminate, worn out; no longer fertile or productive.

and today's is sudoriferous, sweaty or sweat producing. how very lame. unless perhaps it's used as in, «i tell you, mate, that passive-aggressive, sudoriferous cunt will surely be the end of me...»

note: sudoriferous is also the exocrine gland located in the skin that secretes sweat.



the art of the insult

some people, and i use the term loosely, don't even deserve the additional second or two that may be required to assemble the approprite, perfectly-suited offensive remark required in response to their actions (or inaction). the ammunition is certainly a rich vocabulary, the weapon one's grey matter. the delivery system can include from one's sharp-edged tongue, a carrier pigeon, snailpost and of course, email.

and to help us all with the ammunition wordsmith has dedicated this week to showcase some hopefully exquisite vocabulary. today's word is fustilugs (FUS-ti-lugs) a noun, meaning a fat and slovenly person [from middle english fusty (smelly, moldy) + lug (to carry something heavy)]. i don't like it. it doesn't have a proper bite and sounds like something scarlet o'hara might have said. better something stylish like: «you are an abominably dissolute rogue and a puerile, small-minded, pusillanimous* ) dolt» or something vulgar like «you're a cunt-sucking, chicken-humping, baboon-raping, dick-brained, crotch-licking, toe-jam-gobbling fucktard».

*lacking in courage and manly strength and resolution; contemptibly fearful of comfrontation.



my last night

i must know right now
i've been trying to find out
if you'll take one dare with me
i tried years ago and i still wanna know
if you'll spare one hair on you're head
it's a walk in the park i'm not giving up
i don't care if we mess up

there's no time for rehearsal
and no test flight so
put your arms around me
it could be my last night

i'll go to the field, i don't wanna fight
and i'll hold your picture tight
i don't wanna go without saying goodbye
never having tried

there's no time for rehearsal
and no test flight so
put your arms around me
it could be my last night.
~justin tracy

fool's gate

i will dive into the rocky arms of fate / ripples go their way / where minds hesitate but youre too stubburn to be moved by my wait so you close up / but i stay open like a fool's gate 'cause i was meant to wait at the fools gate / i was looking for the greatest parts of you / this reflects the side of me i wish you knew / but you believe i throw salt into your wounds and you close up / but i stay open like a fool's gate...
i put your pictures in the lockets of my mind and carry the kind heart you once kept for me in the pockets of my soul and keep your laughter under my tongue / and i'll face disaster if you never come 'cause i was meant to wait...
i have questions / you've decided i don't deserve answers / and you won't look at me but i remain out there / your god wont let me hide / you close...
and i stay open like a fool's gate...
j/jt 21.05.05

spotted on the net

«you can too easily become what you are called with all the unwelcomed responsibilities the title makes you heir to.»
~maya angelou



so it's not the most polished, subtle, evocative poetry... so it's almost vulgar it's so plain, direct and obvious... yet we all know that some people can only hear so many notes...

«you think you're smart but who the hell d'ya think you're talking to / everyone can see who you are / take a look at yourself tell me why keep on denying / everything you say denying everything you do / so be a fool to yourself forever more, trying, / any kind of move, tell me, so what's it gonna prove, /you ain't fooling nobody, you ain't fooling nobody but yourself

ha, ha, check yourself / check yourself, but don't forget yourself, 'cause you're denying

you ain't fooling nobody, denying, everything you say, denying (everything you say),
everything you do (everything you do), / so be a fool to yourself forever more (more), trying, / any kind of move (any kind of move), tell me, / so what's it gonna prove (what's it gonna prove), / you ain't fooling nobody, you ain't fooling nobody, denying (woo)...

yes, the spice girls.


windows (TCP/IP) remote attack vulnerability

microsoft issued on wednesday [18 may] a prepatch advisory to counter the publication of exploit code for a newly discovered vulnerability in its implementation of tcp/ip. the redmond, washington, company's confirmation of the flaw is the first public test of the software giant's new security advisories pilot project, which is meant to provide instant feedback, guidance and mitigations when third-party researchers release vulnerability details and exploits before a patch is available.

in this case, microsoft corp.'s security advisory 899480 comes 24 hours after an alert with accompanying exploit code was published by frsirt (french security incident response team), a private research outfit. «various tcp implementations could allow a remote attacker to set arbitrary timer values for a tcp connection. an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could cause the affected system to reset existing tcp connections. those connections would have to be re-established for communication to continue», said microsoft in its advisory.

[complete] via neowin via eWeek.


last words

camel: «i feel the penultimate straw.»


and you are...

note: do not panic! this image is generated in real time for each user that views it. your IP address and other information are only visible to you, not to others. just because you see your own IP address and computer information displayed in the graphic, do not assume your information can be seen by everyone visiting these pages. via danasoft.



sixteen indeed...

soon after cardinal ratzinger was elected to the papacy last month, round the time of his first general audience in st peter's square, on 27 april, when he explained to the world why he chose the name benedict, i asked a friend if there had really been fifteen previous pope benedict and he replied he was actually wondering about the "papal numbering system" since the last one had reigned in the early twentieth century (1914~1922) and «there's no way there'd been six additional bens [sic] betrween WWI and today». another friend stated with some reservation that he understood there had been fifteen before ratzinger. i guess my one friend might have read a misprint, IX instead of XV, as there have indeed been fifteen other popes who chose this name and in case anyone's interested here's a link to each one's bio from the brilliant wikipedia!

:: Pope Benedict I Pope Benedict II Pope Benedict III Pope Benedict IV Pope Benedict V Pope Benedict VI Pope Benedict VII Pope Benedict VIII Pope Benedict IX Pope Benedict XI Pope Benedict XII Pope Benedict XIII Pope Benedict XIV Pope Benedict XV Pope Benedict XVI ::


ATTENTION/RED ALERT: watch how you type «google»!

a malicious website is preying on computer users who mistype google into their web browsers. as if "run-of-the-mill" browser hijackings weren't enough of a serious problem, now anyone, by merely misspelling the URL of this most visited website can instantly become the victim of an infection scam which includes the stealing of online banking information along with the installation of a wide range of malware, mostly trojan-based backdoors, proxies, downloaders, and droppers. as a bonus, it also infects a PC with adware.

windows PCs using any browser are at risk.

read more @ techworld. via .net from india.


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the fortune and the owl

«good news will come to you by mail.»

and so this is the very first time that a fortune followed ...in bed doesn't seem to make much sense. so i guess there's no point in checking my post box. i'll be on the lookout for an owl, just in case.


the fake windows update

it seems there's an email campaign currently underway to infect your computer with a new virus.

the legitimate-looking email seems to come from microsoft and invites the reader to go to the microsoft update site to get access to the latest security updates. the site seems to be a good copy of microsoft's web site and lures the visitor into downloading a windows security patch which will infect his computer with the troj/dsnx-05 trojan horse allowing the attackers to remotely take control of the infected computer.

note that microsoft emphasises that they never contact users by email about security updates.

and some acquaintances and even friends dare direct a smug, don't be rrrrideekoulus glance my way when i approach them about online security and and personal battles against virii, rats, trojans, con artists, spy-/ad-/mal-/and coward-ware.

from zdnet via Blogger Blog Mirror @ the blogger forum.

me revienta la circunstancia...

- no me gusta hablar de él por hablar –dijo la maga.

- está bien –dijo gregorovius-. yo solamente preguntaba.

- puedo hablar de otra cosa, si lo que quiere es oír hablar.

- no sea mala.

- horacio es como el dulce de guayaba –dijo la maga.

- ¿qué es el dulce de guayaba?

- horacio es como un vaso de agua en la tormenta.

- ah –dijo gregorovius

- él tendría que haber nacido en esa época de que habla madame léonie cuando está un poco bebida. un tiempo en que nadie estaba intranquilo, los tranvías eran a caballo y las guerras ocurrían en el campo. no había remedios contra el insomnio, dice madame léonie.

- la bella edad de oro –dijo gregorovius. en odessa también me han hablado de tiempos así. mi madre, tan romántica, con su pelo suelto… criaban los ananás en los balcones, de noche no había necesidad de escupideras, era algo extraordinario. pero yo no lo veo a horacio metido en esa jalea real.

- yo tampoco, pero estaría menos triste. aquí todo le duele, hasta las aspirinas le duelen. de verdad, anoche le hice tomar una aspirina porque tenía dolor de muelas. la agarró y se puso a mirarla, le costaba muchísimo decidirse a tragarla. me dijo unas cosas muy raras, que era infecto usar cosas que en realidad uno no conoce, cosas que han inventado otros para calmar otras cosas, cosas que tampoco se conocen… usted sabe cómo es cuando empieza a darle vueltas.

- usted ha repetido varias veces la palabra “cosa” –dijo gregorovius-. no es elegante, pero en cambio muestra muy bien lo que le pasa a horacio. una víctima de la cosidad, es evidente.

- ¿qué es la cosidad? –dijo la maga

- la cosidad es ese desagradable sentimiento de que allí donde termina nuestra presunción empieza nuestro castigo. lamento usar un lenguaje abstracto y casi alegórico, pero quiero decir que oliveira es patológicamente sensible a la imposición de lo que lo rodea, del mundo en que se vive, de lo que le ha tocado en suerte, para decirlo amablemente. en una palabra, le revienta la circunstancia. más brevemente, le duele el mundo. usted lo ha sospechado, lucía, y con una inocencia deliciosa imagina que oliveira sería más feliz en cualquiera de las arcadias de bolsillo que fabrican las madame léonie de este mundo, sin hablar de mi madre la de odessa. porque usted no se habrá creído lo de los ananás, supongo.

- ni lo de las escupideras –dijo la maga. es difícil de creer.