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the art of the insult

some people, and i use the term loosely, don't even deserve the additional second or two that may be required to assemble the approprite, perfectly-suited offensive remark required in response to their actions (or inaction). the ammunition is certainly a rich vocabulary, the weapon one's grey matter. the delivery system can include from one's sharp-edged tongue, a carrier pigeon, snailpost and of course, email.

and to help us all with the ammunition wordsmith has dedicated this week to showcase some hopefully exquisite vocabulary. today's word is fustilugs (FUS-ti-lugs) a noun, meaning a fat and slovenly person [from middle english fusty (smelly, moldy) + lug (to carry something heavy)]. i don't like it. it doesn't have a proper bite and sounds like something scarlet o'hara might have said. better something stylish like: «you are an abominably dissolute rogue and a puerile, small-minded, pusillanimous* ) dolt» or something vulgar like «you're a cunt-sucking, chicken-humping, baboon-raping, dick-brained, crotch-licking, toe-jam-gobbling fucktard».

*lacking in courage and manly strength and resolution; contemptibly fearful of comfrontation.