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the fake windows update

it seems there's an email campaign currently underway to infect your computer with a new virus.

the legitimate-looking email seems to come from microsoft and invites the reader to go to the microsoft update site to get access to the latest security updates. the site seems to be a good copy of microsoft's web site and lures the visitor into downloading a windows security patch which will infect his computer with the troj/dsnx-05 trojan horse allowing the attackers to remotely take control of the infected computer.

note that microsoft emphasises that they never contact users by email about security updates.

and some acquaintances and even friends dare direct a smug, don't be rrrrideekoulus glance my way when i approach them about online security and and personal battles against virii, rats, trojans, con artists, spy-/ad-/mal-/and coward-ware.

from zdnet via Blogger Blog Mirror @ the blogger forum.