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the scuT missile

nope, don't mean the missile, but but the last word in this week's series at wordsmith's which was dedicated to insults... one's left a bit disappointed since the hope was for something rare, poignant, exquisite as promised, haha... i'd rather revert to my series of attributable and non-attributable insults i published for a few weeks on friday's. in fact, i should have a look and pick my favourites... they all described a scut of gargantuan proportions and no, they are certainly not about you.

so while the compact oxford english dictionary defines this noun of unknown origin as the short tail of a hare, rabbit or deer, our fellow lovers of language over at wordsmith's give us, additionally, a worthless, contemptible fellow. actually, i like it. short and sweet, to be used perchance as in «you are a preposterously pedestrian reptile and a depraved scut; a toe-sucking mass of existential impotence.» ;-)