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date: 29 april 2005 @ 14:52
subject: south africa questions
to: arcana imperii

subject: south africa questions

these questions about south africa were posted on a south african tourism website and were answered by the website owner - unfortunately we were forwarded these without attribution so if you know the originating website please let us know so we can give proper credit.

q: does it ever get windy in south africa? i have never seen it raining on tv, so how do the plants grow? (uk)
a: we import all plants fully grown and then just sit around watching them die.

q: will i be able to see elephants in the street? (usa)
a: depends how much you've been drinking.

q: i want to walk from durban to cape town - can i follow the railroad tracks? (sweden)
a: sure, it's only two thousand kilometers, take lots of water...

q: is it safe to run around in the bushes in south africa? (sweden)
a: so it's true what they say about swedes...?

q: are there any ATMs (cash points) in south africa? can you send me a list of them in jhb, cape town, knysna and jeffrey's bay? (uk)
a: ....and what did your last slave die of?

q: can you give me some information about koala bear racing in south africa? (usa)
a: aus-tra-lia is that big island in the middle of the pacific. a-fri-ca is the big triangle-shaped continent south of europe which does not... oh forget it. sure, koala bear racing takes place every tuesday night in hillbrow. come naked.

q: which direction is north in south africa? (usa)
a: face south and then turn 90 degrees. contact us when you get here and we'll send the remaining directions.

q: can i bring cutlery into south africa? (uk)
a: what for? just use your fingers like we do.

q: can you send me the vienna boys' choir schedule? (usa)
a: aus-tri-a is that quaint little country bordering ger-man-y, which is... oh forget it. sure, the vienna boys choir plays every tuesday night in hillbrow, straight after the koala bear races. come naked.

q: do you have perfume in south africa? (france)
a: no, we don't stink.

q: i have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. can you tell me where i can sell it in south africa? (usa)
a: anywhere significant numbers of americans gather.

q: can you tell me the regions in south africa where the female population is smaller than the male population? (italy)
a: yes. gay nightclubs.

q: do you celebrate christmas in south africa? (france)
a: only at christmas.

q: are there killer bees in south africa? (germany)
a: not yet, but for you, we'll import them.

q: are there supermarkets in cape town and is milk available all year round? (germany)
a: no, we are a peaceful civilization of vegan hunter-gatherers. milk is illegal.

q: please send a list of all doctors in south africa who can dispense rattlesnake serum. (usa)
a: rattlesnakes live in a-me-ri-ca, which is where you come from. all south african snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled and make good pets.

q: i was in south africa in 1969, and i want to contact the girl i dated while i was staying in hillbrow. can you help? (usa)
a: yes, and you may still have to pay her by the hour.

q: will i be able to speek english most places i go? (usa)
a: yes, but you'll have to learn it first.

:: see, readers? there's ignant* folk everywhere, not just here in the splendid and good ol' us of a... dankie, mate! ::

*ignant, adj. when you know you wrong. term used to describe an action that, despite one's apparent ability to make better decisions, defies accepted standards of behaviour. as in: «i know that ignant 'ho did not just rub up on my man» and «why was that ignant youngsta rollin' his blunt in the back of the bus?» via the urban dictionary.

«nos rivières»

bien que je continue à écouter un peu de tout, comme d'habitude, ça fait déjà quatre mois qu'isabelle boulay chante la "bande sonore de ma vie". bref, les paroles qu'elle chante, elle les chante pour moi. c'est à dire, elles expriment d'une façon très personelle des moments, des sentiments, des pensées que moi je resens depuis tout ce temps. c'est vraiment extraordinaire d'avoir cette musique pour m'aider réfléchir et en même temps traverser peut-être un tout petit peu moins seul les jour les plus sombres de ma vie. je remerci mille fois, bp, un ami québecois, maintenant perdu, qui m'a fait connaître la musique de mademoiselle boulay il y a déjà quelques années et qui lui a même parlé de moi («j'suis connue à washington?!» a-t-elle demandé à mon ami, au moment de signer son autographe, «pour jay à washington. xxxoo isabelle» sur une très belle affiche publicitaire que bp m'a offert car j'avais raté un concert d'isablle à montréal... et c'était plus ou moin sa faute à lui... et bien si je parle ici de son disque états d'amour plus que des autres, c'est les paroles de nos rivières (mieux qu'ici-bas) que je viens d'entendre et qui me font compagnie ce matin...

vivez, jeunes gens
de cet air, de cet air
et de tout ce temps
vivez, vivez, vivez souvent
d'un jour où vivre,
c'est maintenant
d'un jour où vivre, c'est maintenant
d'un jour où vivre, c'est maintenant

nos rivières
croisent le chant
de pluies légères
et d'océans
sont-elles fières
ou simplement
nos rivières
d'eau et de sang...
nos rivières
d'eau et de sang

vivez, jeunes gens
de cette eau, de cette eau
et de tout ce sang
vivez, vivez, vivez souvent
d'un jour où vivre, c'est maintenant
d'un jour où vivre, c'est maintenant
vivez, vivez, vivez souvent...
~isabelle boulay

paroles de didier golemanas et musique de daniel seff


and the lord said: «let the girls kiss...»

well, not the lord lord, perhaps, but indeed sweden's head HomO (i.e., homosexuella ombudsmannen*, sweden's ombudsman against sexual discrimination), hans ytterberg, who's just won 50,000 crowns (us$7,500) in damages and legal costs for two lesbians, anna fernström and susanne gustafsson, who in 2003 were thrown out of fridhem (house of peace) restaurant by [turkish?] owner, aziz çakır, after they kissed. an earlier court ruling had cleared the restaurant owner of sexual discrimination, a charge that can result in a year in jail. çakır had pleaded that he did not let anyone engage in such behaviour on his premises regardless of sexual orientation. yeah, sure, aha...

well, the appeals court found the restaurant failed to prove [the] «two girls behaved in a way that would justify telling them to stop or telling them to leave the premises». additionally, mr ytterberg told reuters that «the court of appeals has made it clear that discriminating on grounds of sexual orientation is a serious violation of people's rights and can cost you dearly... this will hopefully function as an effective deterrent».

*ombudsmannen mot diskriminering på grund av sexuell läggning.

note: hans ytterberg is associate judge of appeal and former head of the Swedish Federation for Gay and Lesbian Rights (Riksförbundet för Sexuellt Likaberättigande or RFSL). visit this page at the swedish institute for further details and a most interesting article by jens rydström.

via yahoo! news and the rfsl.

the best dressed

i happened to catch a bit of news from asia today and saw a segment on india's fashion week. it reminded me of words by anthony trollope (novelist 1815-1882), which i'd echo regardless of which country or designer was holding a show: «i hold that gentleman to be the best-dressed whose dress no one observes».

quotation of the week

«...sadness is inaction…»
~joseph joubert, 1800


joubert on morality

«give me a morality that equally suits the healthy and the sick, men and women, children, adults, and old people.» ~joseph joubert, 1796

elton & david to wed

while the United Kingdon does not recognise same-gender marriages, it does allow same-gender civil unions according the couples the same tax and inheritance rights/benefits that heterosexualists enjoy. so sir elton, 58, and his life-partner of eleven years, david, 42, shall be tying the civil knot sometime round crimble and at windsor, of all places. sounds like a most brilliant occasion. kudos to all who support enlightenment and progress and congratulations to the grooms.

via il resto del carlino.



my mobile phone/account is set to receive email alerts, that is, to receive a text (sms) message indicating that a new email awaits in its account inbox; it alerts me after i send an email as well.

while my phone was switched on most of the day yesterday, it wasn't until evening that the message alert sounded to indicate the receipt of numerous emails, in fact for each already in my inbox, which led me to believe that someone had forwarded the emails without my authorisation; or perhaps the result of checking the email with the tmobile client. but this had never happened when using any other pop3 client, web-based or otherwise.

aux armes, citoyens!

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quotation of the week: «lorem ipsum»

«neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit...»

«there is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain...»

«but i thought that was all supposed to be filler/mock/dummy text! it actually means something?» well... learn more @ lipsum.



you've certainly heard the word, perhaps used it. or seen the concept portrayed in film or television. the main characters in the sitcom seinfeld all believed they had theirs and in one episode they (or was it just elaine?) meet face to face.

the compact oxford english dictionary defines it as an apparition or double of a living person; thomas gale as follows:

«(also known as the double.) a literary technique by which a character is duplicated (usually in the form of an alter ego, though sometimes as a ghostly counterpart) or divided into two distinct, usually opposite personalities. the use of this character device is widespread in nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, and indicates a growing awareness among authors that the "self" is really a composite of many "selves." a well-known story containing a doppelgänger character is robert louis stevenson's dr jekyll and mr hyde, which dramatises an internal struggle between good and evil.»

it seems, that either by coincidence or design, i've got one running about the nation's capital, fond of eating out and parties at places to which i've never been and with people i don't know nor have ever met. a couple of weeks ago an aquaintance swore, not only that he'd seen me at the restaurant where he know works, but that we'd spoken. impossible. and just tonight, this other chap, apparently mistaking me for someone else, although i really don't know how this could happen, mentioned talking to so-and-so and inviting someone else to a birthday celebration neither of whom i've met in my entire life. the chap telling the story, confronted with this fact alleged seeing me at the one person's social gatherings all the time, yet another person i don't know and have never met. hadn't even heard the names until this evening. how the chap i was talking to could make this mistake is really surprising, for he knows exactly what i look and sound like even if we're barely acquainted.

coupled with receiving unsolicited and unexpected IMs from people introducing themselves using my name seems to make the matter feel like a tad more than just creepy coincidence, which is what i'd certainly expect it all to be.

just in case, let's then invite the deus ex machina to interfere... :-).


I wish it were this good!

«I was sitting on the side of my bed in my pyjamas, thinking about getting up, but not yet committed. I didn’t feel very well, but I didn’t feel as sick as I ought to, not as sick as I would feel if I had a salaried job. My head hurt and felt large and hot and my tongue was dry and had gravel on it and my throat was stiff and my jaw was not untender. But I had had worse mornings.»
~Raymond Chandler, Farewell, my lovely; ch. 29

via the eudæmonist.



yes, but do they want us?

why get upset with the fact that 51% of the [68,6 % eligible of the 70% registered] of the american population* voted for unwarranted fear, religious zealotry and oppressing -ve carson kressley when one can become a kiwi**? problem solved.

*c'mon, people! this is not difficult to understand: US population: approx. 293,027,571. total eligible to vote: 201,000,000 (68,6%), of which 173,600,000 are registered (86,4%). of these 173,600,000 people, 122,000,000 actually voted (70,2%). 51% of them voted for bush&co.

**please remember that the fruit you wrongly lmpw as kiwi, along with presumably every market in this country, super or otherwise, is in fact, kiwifruit. yes, be an ai foot-soldier and request a label change next time you visit a business stocking this item under the wrong label, especially since a kiwi is, not only a nickname for a newzealander but, actually a BIRD, the national bird of new zealand... we don't call our grapefuit bald eagles, so why should we call kiwifruit kiwis?

original from the ashes of the bonfire. edited by j.


blog eller blogg? blogg!... say i.

i just stumbled upon this blog entry and thought it interesting and funny. i left tried leaving a comment that even if there were swedish words for blog, they still have their "glögg"! LOL actually i don't see why not use blogg (yes two Gs!) since the swedish word for log is logg and the word for journal is loggbok. since the use of web (nät, väv, nätverk) would seem universally used and understood (note, websidda, and webbansvarig), i guess considering weblogg and go from there to just using, blogg might be quite logical even if swedish weren't the sort of tongue in which one would willy-nilly grab one letter from one word and allow it all sorts of promiscuity with any ole letter which may find itself in its path.

«första bloggen
by Henke
posted friday, 04 march 2005 on Henke's Blog's
discussion: welcome

okej, då var det dags. Henke's blog sida ska fyllas med text. jag kommer att skriva om allt möjligt. troligtvis en hel del totalt ointressant. Men det spelar ingen roll, jag tänker skriva ändå.
hur stavas "bloggar" på svenska? ska det vara "blogar" eller "bloggar"? jag tänker använda mig av två g varianten. finns det inget svenskt ord för blog? eller blogg?


manolo's «say no to the parka»

sometimes the practice of reading "backwards" (i.e. from newest to oldest entry) counters common sense, especially, when one follows up on any previous posting. seems to me a note like it seems to me that it'd be like tuning to a film half-way through it... anyway, a couple of days ago i mentioned «the Manolo» and his shoe and the help for the man blogs. i wanted to include a couple of entries and this is one of my favourites and one which i beglected to include the other day.

Say No to the Parka

friday, 28 january 2005

Manolo says, the Manolo he is sorry but he must now take the Vice President Cheney to the shed of the wood for being ridiculously underdressed for the ceremony at the Auschwitz.

The Manolo he reminds you that you must always, always, dress for the occasion. This ceremony, it was the ceremony like the funeral. You would not wear this to the funeral. It is ridiculous.

In this picture, all the Dick Cheney he needs to be prepared for the outing to the frozen tundra is the hat made of the cheese.

posted by Manolo at 11:51

hahaha! and the comments indeed deserve a reading. for instance, andrea said... you know, the cheney, he IS on medication. 10:14 PM

and Anonymous said... Please forgive the Dick Cheney, for he hails from the beautiful state of Wyoming. In the Wyoming during the time of the winter, there are (yes! It is true!) things more important than fashion. Such as survival. So, one does indeed wear the parka to the funeral, to avoid joining he who is laid to rest.

Now in Germany, where it is many of the degrees warmer, he is indeed ridiculous. But, being at the Auschwitz, the Cheney, maybe he feels very cold inside of his heart. 12:24 PM


there's finally a fix!

if trellian WebPage or WebPage Pro is still part of your basic and handy web design toolbox you may have noticed a strange, persistent and annoying «no such interface supported» and actually given up trying to find the culprit and a solution since nothing seemed to work. it turns out one of the recent windows patches for the patches they'd been trying to patch was responsible and fortunately all that's required is the download of a timy ocx file and its registration using the regsvr32 command for immediately restored functionality. further details and download available here.

now let's see if i have another go at revamping ai, making it fully compliant and properly accessible through the best browsers, newsreaders, and your favourite wireless thingy. cheers.

malice aforethought?

«faust is damned, not because he has sinned, but because he made a pact with the devil, that is, like a poet he planned a life of sin beforehand.» ~w.h. auden


AOL and the $1500 charge

forever geek wrote today about a friend who'd used AOL's autofix software to resolve a connectivity issue. it worked, but at a cost of us$1500 in long-distance telephone charges... for a call to a local number! the so-called fix was to add a number 1 and the area code to her local access number. apparently the autofix service "decided" it might as well add long-distance numbers to the dial-up settings. and it seems that's not the only claim round. fg links to this story ($3500 phone bill), also told here right off the AP wire by thestate.com. and there seem to be more. while AOL allegedly insists it's impossible, fg states that he's witnessed the event himself. he concludes, «my friend got the charges reversed. yours may not».

i wish i could say, "this is un-be-lievable!" how could one? it's AOL. and i dislike them for their "lowest common denominator" philosophy. i understand, that's precisely what the masses want, expect and sometimes even demand. dreadful. i couldn't be more supportive of capitalism and the free-market, but i disdain patronising/appeasement attitudes and giving the unthinking not just what they want, but what some argue they deserve . my argument is that we all deserve and must demand better as we strive to improve ourselves in all possible ways. these, to me, are the elements of the much searced for meaning of life which is no other than the purpose and direction we give our lives to achieve an accomplished, productive and relatively happy, peaceful, exciting, rich, brilliant existence.


manolo's «the day of san valentino»

this, ladies and gentlemen is what i was talking about in my previous entry...
the Day of San Valentino

saturday, 05 february 2005

Manolo says, the Manolo he takes this opportunity, as the service to the public, to remind his many men friends that the Day of the San Valentino it approaches, and that the man who in his life has the woman, would be unwise to forget this.

This is why the Manolo he would tell you to buy the fine chocolates from the France and the red flowers, the good wine, maybe the jeweled trinket, and perhaps the mid-winter trip to Paris, with the great promptness, so as to avoid the disaster that is the Day of San Valentino forgotten.

Here, however, is the word of the warning about certain catagories of the gifts, most of the importantly, the perfume. Under no of the circumstances should the man buy for the woman the perfume of cheapness. This, it is worse than the buying of no gift at all.

The women, they know that the perfume it is the very personal thing, and so it is important to buy the perfume of the highest quality, one with that is subtle rather than strong. Which is why the Manolo he can do no other than recommend to you this:

Chanel No. 5 Eau De Parfum

Manolo says, yes, the Manolo he has the “issues” with the House of The Chanel and it’s current evil head designer, however, this it does not erase the fact that the Coco, she was the genius. And the Chanel No 5 is the most classic perfume, one that is subtle, sophisticated, and suitable for most of the womens.

Here is the tip to the men friends of the Manolo: don’t be the skate of cheap on the Day of San Valentino, buy the big bottle.

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the manolo he has moved!

just learned from a posting dated sunday, 13 march 2005, that «the Manolo, he has moved the shoe blog» to new, almost identical digs at a new domain, shoeblogs.com: Manolo's Shoe Blog.

Manolo for the Men: Manolo Helps the Men can be found here!

-j! what?! what are you talking about? i know, i know, i've shared the find privately with a few... such fun... and brilliant advice for all. it's just that i hadn't had time for a proper posting and well, i'll just show you what a mean in a bit. cheers!

saul bellow, prince of words, dead aged 89

american novelist saul bellow né samuel belows near montréal, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976, has died in massachusetts. from the beeb's obituary:

with an awareness of death and the miracle of life at the foundation of his work, saul bellow's novels brought him huge success, and both the nobel and pulitzer prize. he is cited by many contemporary authors as a critical creative influence.

bellow's message was one of hope and affirmation. he said,
"in the greatest confusion, there is still an open channel to the soul."

many of his novels were set in chicago where his poor russian-jewish parents moved when he was a child. he later reported, "i saw mayhem all around me. by the age of eight, i knew what sickness and death were."
additional quotations:

«i do believe that i have something of importance to transmit.. i think of myself as speaking to an inviolate part of other people, around which there is a sort of nearly sacred perimeter, a significant space...a place where the human being really has removed to, with all his most important spiritual possessions»

a long time ago i asked a bookseller in cambridge, massachusetts what herzog was about and he said: this brilliant novel, and one of the author's most admired basically tells the story of a man who obsessively writes letters (most of them unsent) to the people in his life as well as the occasional world leader or celebrity. why?, asked young young j... his soul must speak, answered the bookseller. i began wondering why not merely unsent but also unwritten ones (i am always composing letters which remain unwritten and have done so since childhood) and also what circumstance ked him to it, beyond a means to examine his life and so i bought the book, but could not finish reading it. it was the first time this had happened. i would put the book down, pick it up again later, but i coulod just not read on. i later learned that this only happens to me when «i'm not ready for the book». i was ready for it alright just about two, three years ago and it was brilliant. just like the bookseller had promised.

in mr bellow's words: «herzog... i think of him as a man who, in the agony of suffering, finds himself to be his own most penetrating critic. and he reexamines his life...by reenacting all the roles he took seriously. and when he has gone through all the reenactments, he's back at the original point....the professor, the son, the brother, the lover, the father, the husband, the avenger, the intellectual--all of it. it's an attempt really to divest himself of the personae....and when he has dismissed these personae, there comes a pause..[grace]..it's better than his trying to invent everything for himself, or accepting human inventions, the collective errors, by which he's lived. he's decided to go through a process of jettisoning or lightening.»

His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III dead at 81

RAINIER III, Louis-Henri-Maxence-Bertrand, Sovereign Prince of Monaco


Duke of Valentinois, Count of Carladès, Baron of Calvinet, Baron of Buis, Lord of Saint-Rémy, Sire of Matignon, Count of Torigni, Baron of Saint-Lô, Baron of La Luthumière, Baron of Hambye, Duke of Mazarin, Duke of Mayenne, Prince of Château-Porcien, Count of Ferrette, Belfort, Thann and Rosemont, Baron of Altkirch, Lord of Isenheim, Marquis of Chilly, Count of Longjumeau, Marquis of Guiscard, Bailiff-Knight Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, with the Cross of the "ad honourem" profession, AND ALSO Colonel in the French Army, Grand Master of the Order of Saint-Charles, Grand Master of the Order of the Crown, Grand Master of the Order of Grimaldi, Knight Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, Member of the Pontifical Military Order of the Golden Spur, Member of the Order of Seraphs, Collar of Merit of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Grand Cordon of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Savoir of Greece, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Royal Order of George I of Greece, Grand Cordon of the Order of Leopold of Belgium, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Golden Lion of Nassau, Knight Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of Saint-Martin, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of "Mohammed Ali", Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Karageorgevitch, Knight Grand Cross of the Military Order of Saint-Jacques of the Sword, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Jose Matias Delagado of El Salvador, The Lebanese Merit "Hors classe", The French Cross of War, Cross of the Voluntary Combatant 1939-1945, Belgian Cross of War, Gold Medal of the American Legion and the Golden Olympic Order, FIA Gold Medal for Motor Sport , Grand Collier of the Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero of Panama, europe's longest-reigning monarch, has died at the age of 81, after spending several weeks in hospital. the royal palace stated that the prince, who had ruled the tiny mediterranean principality since 1949, died at 06:35 (04:35 gmt) after suffering from heart, kidney and lung problems.

he will be succeeded by his forty-seven-year-old son, Prince Abert, who took over his father's royal duties 31 march:

«in accordance with the Statutes of the Sovereign Family, and after discussions with HSH the Hereditary Prince Albert, the Secretary of State acting on behalf of the Council of the Crown, has stated the inability of HSH Prince Rainier III to exercise His Sovereign Duties at this time.

therefore, in the interim, His Sovereign Duties are assumed by HSH the Hereditary Prince Albert.»

messages of support to the princely family may be sent to: the Consulate General of Monaco.

visit the site officiel du Palais Princier for information about Prince Rainier III, and what was a truly extraordinary life as europe's longest ruling monarch.



seen today in a text file included in a software archive defined thus:

ne-far-i-ous, adj. infamous by way of being extremely wicked. and

\ne*fa"ri*ous\, a. [l. nefarius, fr. nefas crime, wrong; ne not + fas divine law; akin to fari to speak. see no, adv., and fate.] wicked in the extreme; abominable; iniquitous; atrociously villainous; execrable; detestably vile.

you get the message, surely...

yet, my favourite ever ocurrence of this word is in emma thompson's golden globe award acceptance speech for her adaptation of sense and sensibility, which was indeed splendid. unlike almost every other ordinary, jaded and basically uncultured fellow winners that year, before and since, she thought she'd convey her messsage uniquely... she wondered what miss jane austen might have entered in her journal at four o'clock in the morning upon returning from an evening at the golden speheres awards...

[transcription of speech cometh]


bloody hell. i've had it! one thing is soft/ad/mal/shit-ware messing up one's computer's configuration. one thing is said *ware even blocking browsers from reaching anti-*ware sites and deactivating anti-virus and anti*ware. yet another is hacking of a private citizen's pc and actually messing with the anti*software's definition files so they'll ignore certain troublemakers. for instance... just a few days ago, the database downloaded by spywareblaster 3.0 offered protection against 3460 items. a couple of days later that number was presumably miraculously reduced by one. and between then and today some items previously have vanished and the number is down to 3457...

i assume one way is to achieve this could be by simply white-listing any items one wishes ignored in subsequent scannings along with opening any and all ports the remote location may need, which in turn requires constant, daily tweaking which prohits peaceful, dedicated, concentrated, productive anything not to mention producing dementia, damn and blast! oh, and consider that this is only one of the "protection and recovery" software behaving just like i've described.


risks and freedom

to laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
to weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
to reach out to another is to risk involvement.
to expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
to place your ideas, your dreams before the crowd is to risk loss.
to love is to risk not being loved in return.
to live is to risk dying.
to hope is to risk despair.
to try at all is to risk failure.

but risk one must.
because the greatest hazard to life could well be to risk nothing.
the man who risks nothing does nothing and says nothing... has nothing... is nothing...
he may avoid suffering but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love or live.
chained by his certitudes, he is a slave.
he has fortified freedom.
only the risk-taker may find he can indeed be free.

via satiche. ed. j.