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yes, but do they want us?

why get upset with the fact that 51% of the [68,6 % eligible of the 70% registered] of the american population* voted for unwarranted fear, religious zealotry and oppressing -ve carson kressley when one can become a kiwi**? problem solved.

*c'mon, people! this is not difficult to understand: US population: approx. 293,027,571. total eligible to vote: 201,000,000 (68,6%), of which 173,600,000 are registered (86,4%). of these 173,600,000 people, 122,000,000 actually voted (70,2%). 51% of them voted for bush&co.

**please remember that the fruit you wrongly lmpw as kiwi, along with presumably every market in this country, super or otherwise, is in fact, kiwifruit. yes, be an ai foot-soldier and request a label change next time you visit a business stocking this item under the wrong label, especially since a kiwi is, not only a nickname for a newzealander but, actually a BIRD, the national bird of new zealand... we don't call our grapefuit bald eagles, so why should we call kiwifruit kiwis?

original from the ashes of the bonfire. edited by j.