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manolo's «say no to the parka»

sometimes the practice of reading "backwards" (i.e. from newest to oldest entry) counters common sense, especially, when one follows up on any previous posting. seems to me a note like it seems to me that it'd be like tuning to a film half-way through it... anyway, a couple of days ago i mentioned «the Manolo» and his shoe and the help for the man blogs. i wanted to include a couple of entries and this is one of my favourites and one which i beglected to include the other day.

Say No to the Parka

friday, 28 january 2005

Manolo says, the Manolo he is sorry but he must now take the Vice President Cheney to the shed of the wood for being ridiculously underdressed for the ceremony at the Auschwitz.

The Manolo he reminds you that you must always, always, dress for the occasion. This ceremony, it was the ceremony like the funeral. You would not wear this to the funeral. It is ridiculous.

In this picture, all the Dick Cheney he needs to be prepared for the outing to the frozen tundra is the hat made of the cheese.

posted by Manolo at 11:51

hahaha! and the comments indeed deserve a reading. for instance, andrea said... you know, the cheney, he IS on medication. 10:14 PM

and Anonymous said... Please forgive the Dick Cheney, for he hails from the beautiful state of Wyoming. In the Wyoming during the time of the winter, there are (yes! It is true!) things more important than fashion. Such as survival. So, one does indeed wear the parka to the funeral, to avoid joining he who is laid to rest.

Now in Germany, where it is many of the degrees warmer, he is indeed ridiculous. But, being at the Auschwitz, the Cheney, maybe he feels very cold inside of his heart. 12:24 PM