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bloody hell. i've had it! one thing is soft/ad/mal/shit-ware messing up one's computer's configuration. one thing is said *ware even blocking browsers from reaching anti-*ware sites and deactivating anti-virus and anti*ware. yet another is hacking of a private citizen's pc and actually messing with the anti*software's definition files so they'll ignore certain troublemakers. for instance... just a few days ago, the database downloaded by spywareblaster 3.0 offered protection against 3460 items. a couple of days later that number was presumably miraculously reduced by one. and between then and today some items previously have vanished and the number is down to 3457...

i assume one way is to achieve this could be by simply white-listing any items one wishes ignored in subsequent scannings along with opening any and all ports the remote location may need, which in turn requires constant, daily tweaking which prohits peaceful, dedicated, concentrated, productive anything not to mention producing dementia, damn and blast! oh, and consider that this is only one of the "protection and recovery" software behaving just like i've described.