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sos... winXP hell!

you may imagine what an insiduous and ruinous pest may cause this stop error to occur when any application is launched either immediately after login or at the conclusion of boot up/log on. all searches for solutions and attempts at correction have yielded limited results and the internet doesn't seem to've had much luck either... almost every posting on the subject has gone unanswered (most seem to note the problem with only one application) or suggestions apparently never worked. i am convinced this is the result of a hijacking attempt (remote procedure) and a successful one. seems to me this is an lsass worm/trojan/rat (along with the perpetrator) or an attempt to remotely install a server on my winXP box) which perhaps did not deploy properly as a result of anti-virus/spyware/malware, a bit o' quick thinking on my part and so on...

've developped a couple of temporary "work rounds" but it's a bloody pain and i don't wish to install the OS for a third time, especially when it's absolute conjecture to believe that radical move would correct the problem... naturally, microsoft is clueless and has nothing to say on the matter... maybe they shall when i present them with an invoice... why shouldn't they pay me for the loss of productivity, aggravation, development, research and tech supoort services i'm providing as i search for a solution? ;-)