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i'm not used to radio adverts. for years my radio «dials» in washington, dc remained immobile at WETA-FM 90,9 until just over a month now, when as you might have read, the one ms rockefeller decided she needed more $$$ or was so bored that she turned that splendid station into yet another round-the-clock-won't-shut-up talk/news/talk/news/talk/news/talk/news-drive-me-mad outlet. just a click or two away from an existing and almost identical station, damn and blast! so we get a few additional bbc programmes... bah!

i've hence grudgingly begun to temporarily accept forced migration to a commercial classical station (they consider playing ONE BLOODY MOVEMENT a non-interrupted, advert-free gift to humankind) and i'm learning to simply tune-out the sinfulness of the enterprise... yet every now and again some rather tiresome voices do get through and surprise me quite a bit... just now, and for the second time, i've heard what seems to be the audio version of advertising small-print caveats (you know, the bit that's spoken quicker than greek in telly news broadcasts and somewhat sotto-voce) alerting that something is (could this be true?) actually cheaper in the new york city metropolitan area... what is it? bagels? crack? i don't know, but i think i should try hard and find a webcast of music through the night...