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word (and quotation of the day)... it's monday...

(FRAK-shuhs) adjective

1. irritable; cranky.
2. unruly.

from middle english fraccioun, from Late Latin fraction-, stem of fractio (act of breaking), from Latin fractus, past participle of Latin frangere (to break). ultimately from indo-european root bhreg- (to break) that's also the progenitor of words such as break, breach, fraction, and fragile.] interesting for me to note that the idea of being in any state other than happy is always seen as the result of not being whole (as wtih today's word) or not being at ease... (disease).

so, very fitting for today... it's monday and i'm not rested, mostly as a result of some of the most vividly remembered nightmares ever. and to think that it'd actually take so very little to permanently alter the status quo. but that's just me being, well, rational.

«and none will hear the postman's knock / without a quickening of the heart. / for who can bear to feel himself forgotten?» -w.h. auden

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