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the visual thesaurus

the nyt says it's «inventive. imaginative. ingenious. fanciful». the washington post says that «the whole interface feels almost alive... it's a rare, rewarding example of a paper-bound process that has been radically rethought...» the chicago tribune points out that «...a user is continually surprised at the insights and solid results that each search delivers» and yahoo adds that it's «a near-perfect combination of content and design».

the visual thesaurus is described as a tool for people who think visually; a thesaurus and dictionary with an interactive display allowing one to explore and understand language in a new way. it presumably allows the user to find the exact word he needs, to write descriptively, to see connections and relationships, brainstorm, get synonyms and antonyms, hear words pronounced correctly, build vocabulary, explore new words and meanings, understand 39,000 proper nouns and more.

i thought i'd give it a go, and looked up solipsism. i was not impressed. for instance, i found that googling define:solipsism provided rather straightforward and brilliant results.