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black history month

february is celebrated as black history month here in america and something different i've noticed this year is that there's an emphasis on the fact that we are all africans.

the prejudiced, along with the willfully and stubbornly ignorant who refuse to accept the fact of evolution and what science in general and archeology in particular teach us about the origins of humans find this a hard pill to swallow.

the opening in san francisco of the museum of the african diaspora has reportedly done a splendid job in communicating our origins to visitors. at least two npr stories enlighten us in this regard: San Francisco Opens African Diaspora Museum and Museum Charts Spread of Africans Across Globe.

BBC radio has producded a superb series, the strory of africa which tells the story of the continent from an african perspective. i listened to a fascinating three-hour installment last night on WETA-FM which covered the origins of humankind, africa & the nile valley, the berbers, the bantu migrations, traditional religions, and the coming of christianity. further episodes will air sunday evenings.

WETA-FM here in DC is also featuring a series of non-commercial radio adverts called «moments to remember» highlighting pioneering and pivotal events in american black history.

i recommend spending some time visiting the HistoryMakers, Six Weeks of Black History and AOL@SCHOOL Black History websites. the stories of success against the odds and of achievement in the face of adversity told here should inspire all.