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see no evil, hear no evil...?

billy said in a deposition that he hadn't sexed the pretty, smart, pudgy girl and got himself impeached despite the parade of constitutional scholars who told senators and citizens that well, fibbing about extra-marital affairs isn't really treason nor an impeachable offence. georgie & co set out to dismantle the fundamental principle of separation of powers, the separation of church and state and system of checks and balances along with the bill of rights and the country looks the other way if it looks at all.

the news is that bush actually authorised domestic spying before the terrorist attacks of 11 september 2001. truthout reports that a declassified document contradicts the president's assertion that the 11 september attacks prompted him to take the unprecedented step of signing a secret executive order authorising the NSA to monitor american citizens thought to have ties to terrorist groups in such a way that the protocols implemented in essence meant the agency was conducting a covert domestic surveillance operation in violation of applicable law.

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