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alistair cooke's bones stolen in nyc

the beeb reports that according to the new york daily news the body and bones of alistair cooke were stolen before his cremation by a criminal ring trading body parts. allegedly, the body snatchers surgically removed his bones and sold them for more than £4,000 ($7,000) to a company supplying parts for use in dental implants and various orthopaedic procedures.

i wonder whose ashes (or what's) mr cooke's family spread over central park in manhattan almost two years ago. same goes for the ashes spread over the aegean sea, allegedly belonging to the legendary callas. see, she was cremated in a hurry after her death in august 1977 and burried at père lachaise. some time later her grave was found disturbed and the ashes missing. only they were "found" elsewhere in the cemetery. how do we know if the ashes burried at père lachaise were hers in the first place. who would do so and then leave them behind? i mean, was this the work of a deranged fan obsessed with feng-shui or someone who'd just want to keep or sell or otherwise dispose of the diva's ashes and then felt guilty? don't think so. i bet the ashes in the aegean were a cat's or something...