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«shy swedes fail to seduce gay penguins»

ananova reports today that swedish female penguins have failed in their mission to seduce gay male humboldt penguins in a german zoo.

bremerhaven zoo had introduced the female penguins to try and establish more breeding pairs in its penguin pens, since it has far too many male penguins, while kolmarden zoo in sweden has an oversupply of females.

at bremerhaven, the birds, which find new mates every year, form all-male pairs and adopt pebbles as if they were eggs. last year, officials said the females had arrived too late for pairing. and this year, the birds arrived in time, but were too shy.

zoo chief executive heike kueck said that the swedish penguins are rather stand-offish.

four local females were quickly snapped up but the rest of the 22 penguins ignored the newcomers and formed male couples.

last year, homosexualists bombarded the zoo with emails and protest letters, claiming it was interfering in the penguins' freedom of sexual orientation.

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