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the proust questionnaire and vanity fair

the editors of vanity fair gathered to discuss a regular interview format for coming issues. one staff member suggested creating a «vanity fair questionnaire». the magazine's london editor, henry porter, and editor-in-chief graydon carter, brought up the idea of the proust questionnaire, which met with the hearty approval of the numerous proust afficianados on staff. senior editor aimee bell , a fan herself, took on the task of researching and producing this feature, with the assistance of university of kansas professor theodore johnson, a noted authority on proust. since july 1993, a celebrity has responded to a version of the questionnaire, found in the back pages of each issue.

a problem remains: there's no archive of the magazine feature on internet. vanity fair has not yet replied to my requests to access their records and perhaps even digitalise the material.

via chick.