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an adventurous person who will travel for fine food and drink.

etymology: from the greek gaster meaning stomach and nautes, sailor.

earliest citation found: «gastronaut. astronaut patrick baudry, the first frenchman to ride aboard a US spacecraft, was disappointed in nasa's menu for space, so his space meals included crab mousse, rabbit stew and lobster in cream sauce-prepared in france, tinned and shipped to johnson space centre. baudry also tried unsuccessfully to bring wine on the mission.» ~michael hirsley, «let's ring out the old year on a dubious note» - chicago tribune, 29 december 1985 (edited by arcana imperii)

«discovering the pleasures of cooking and entertaining at home became even more of an incentive for the gatronaut in me to venture farther than before in both distance and experience in search of new tastes i could bring back with me and share with fellow gourmands.» ~arcana imperii

source: arcana imperii, 30 aug 2004