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quotation of the week

«i am. therefore i think.»
~ayn rand, atlas shrugged


diddly squat

«it really doesn't do diddly squat» said a favourite reporter at 103,5 fm here in washington, dc earlier this morning regarding the latest study on echinacea's reputed powers to help combat a cold.

peace, at last

the IRA has formally ordered an end to its armed campaign against the crown and pledges to pursue exclusively peaceful means. prime minister blair has recognised the unparalled magnitude of this event, which i see as the inevitable result of political recognition, growth and maturity. disenfranchised groups without political representation historically see few options beyond armed struggle through which they expect to at least be heard but end up also trying to impose political objectives often at odds with democratic principles. as a unionist sympathiser and as an atheist, who has found the protracted fight between protestants and catholics in the uk abhorrent, absurd and ridiculous (as all religious-based strife), i rejoice in this momentous occasion and am hopeful the IRA will keep their word.

pax et bonum!

  • from the beeb: how IRA reached this step.
  • human achievement day

    neil armstrong's lunar footprint

    as the new shuttle mission continues, with a 21st-century captain janeway at the helm, commander eileen collins, one can't help but share in the absolute awe and brilliance represented by the human achievement of space flight.

    once again, i point to edward hudgins for further thoughts in praise of reason, individuality and achievement.

    «on 20 july let's each reflect on our achievements -- as individuals and as we work in concert with others. let's recognise that achievements of all sorts -- epitomised by the moon landings -- are the essence and the expected of human life. let's rejoice on this day and commemorate the best within us with, as rand would say, the total passion for the total heights!»

    and so αι (belatedly) co-declares 20 july human achievement day.

    the london massacre

    i'd like to recommend a short and poignant article/editorial written by edward hudgins for the objectivist centre in which he shares his thoughts on the london massacre of 07 july, islamist extremism and terror as it stands against reason, individualism and liberty.


    hackers skip windows to embed new infections

    jonathan krim, staff writer at the washington post reported on an internet safety study released yesterday by the sans institute of bethesda, maryland, a cyber-security research and education centre, noting that the online security climate continues to deteriorate, as computer hackers continue targeting an increasing number of popular programmes such as the iTunes music service and software used to backup data. the report, issued quarterly, said that flaws in software that can be exploited by hackers are on the rise, which is unwelcome news for consumers and businesses hoping for relief as software makers such as microsoft work to improve the security of the operating systems that power computers and networks.

    hackers now often bypass operating systems, staying one step ahead in the ongoing cat-and-mouse warfare between those trying to protect computer systems and those trying to infiltrate or damage them. yeah, tell me about it!

    overall, sans reported 422 new flaws discovered in the second quarter of this year, a 10.8 percent increase over the first quarter and a nearly 20 percent increase from the second quarter of last year.

    source: the washington post via hack in the box.


    support bacteria..!

    «...they're the only culture some people have.»
    ~steven wright, funny man and visionary

    for the love of... pigs?!

    there's certainly more to anyone's mood than could be gathered from having a quick look at their blog's sidebar, for instance. and proving that "even when you feel you've reached the bottom of a bottomless pit someone can still make you laugh" is not just a bromide i've just authored is what seems to be a fifteen-year-old asian girl (in the philippines perhaps?) who describes herself as «sum1 who will devote my whole life into findin' ways to stop world hunger and pollutions if thr's a way. (real serious kaes.....) just a simple gal to blog my day here, and simply wishes to c the whole world's elderly esp my granny to be happy...yup! and well, a serious pig lover who wish to marry blacks in the future».

    «wait, what?» i hear you say... please read on...

    she also writes that thinking of pigs is the only comfort she has when sorrow and emptiness engulf her. i figured she might be on to something and so i look round her site a bit more and find this, which i have edited:

    «life for me was like soaring in the sky but with tired wings.
    my life was totally changed from the moment darkness filled my world.
    i can't run, i can't hide. there's nothing i can do.
    seeing these pigs just relieves my sadness.
    thinking about these pigs loosens my tight heart.
    laughing out loud oftens bring about my tears...
    i want to escape, but thre's no help.
    i can feel my heart sinking each day, sinking into sorrows.
    the only moment i feel safe is when i return to eerie darkness.
    i am really tired.
    i walk in darkness, with emptiness devouring me...
    yet i'd rather remain in this darkness.
    to stay in darkness with my love for pigs?»

    i asked the same question, really... but please, do read on, her blog entry is hilarious!

    [wednesday, 13 july 2005: boy oh boy...]

    «hmm... finally made it to wake up at 6am today, usual cases, finding myself unable to open my eyes, and having goosebumps caused by the morning coldness...
    yup, thn i forcibly on the lights, realised my room had become mre spacious now, cos' ystd evening i shifted my brother's table to the wall, and mine to the wall near the window... resulting the center of my room being hollow, which i think had really been mre spacious, and could haf been mre spacious if not for my double decker bed... sigh...
    thn when i finally got the washroom to haf my usual morning bathe, jeez! i found my 11-year-old brother's yellow underwear lying so triangulary on the toilet floor, while he is happily eating his breakfast away....(having a morning shock in the morning ish never good fer health)... so, he expect me, his older sis to pick his underwear up? c'mon... no way... so, i screamed fer he to come back to the washroom to pick up his underwear and throw it into the laundry basket... fantabulous... already 11 yrs old yet still discarding his dirty wear anywhr... sigh... didn't pri schs haf health education? and yup, it's obvious his t'cher should be improving his cme, cos' he is obviously not improving in his moral!!! when he's been fighting wif me fer thgs and giving me shocks... fantabulous ...

    finally, i bathe peacefully... and yup, tt incident in the washroom deprived me of breakfast cos' it happened tt my breakfast is sandwich, which is triangular, and reminds me of my stupid bro's disgusting yellow underwear...fantabulous...»

    she's so funny! hahaha...

    and for the life of me i can't find the blog's url! i hope to update later. cheers.


    the challenge

    «the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.» ~samuel johnson


    danish physicist niels bohr (wrote? said?!) that «predictions can be very difficult - especially about the future», haha, and one imagines that as a scientist, he knew what he was talking about, considering that for instance, about, what?, sixty-three percent of statistics are made up on the spot... ;-)

    new reasons/passions to rise in the AM/PM?!

    who doesn't know someone in need of a job, or perhaps more accurately, searching for a new opportunity, new horizons, the road less travelled or "simply" (!) a satisfying, rewarding (not just soulfully or just remuneratively) career or adventure? to help us all the ever so brilliant vitamin q offers a list of

    the sixty strangest job titles in the usa:

    acrobatic rigger ~ sets up equipment for acrobatic troupes
    air hole driller ~ operates machine which makes holes in smoking pipes
    babbitter ~ adds alloy to metal workpieces
    back washer ~ operates machine for washing sliver (a continuous textile strand)
    bed rubber ~ operates machine which smoothes stone blocks
    bit shaver ~ smoothes mouthpieces of smoking pipes
    bobbin loose-end finder ~ finds and ties broken thread on winding machines
    brilliandeer-lopper ~ uses a machine to cut and shape diamonds
    bucket chucker ~ operates machine for smoothing inside surface of buckets
    cake stripper ~ operates a machine used in the cottonseed oil business
    carroter ~ conditions fur for use in felt hat manufacture
    chick sexer ~ inserts illuminating tool into baby birds to determine gender
    debubblizer ~ operates equipment which removes bubbles from plastics
    dolly pusher ~ moves camera equipment around scene of tv recording / broadcast
    end frazer ~ operates machinery used in manufacturer of stems for smoking pipes
    flatcar whacker ~ maintains and repairs logging rail cars
    fur blower ~ runs machinery for fumigating and cleaning furs
    gambreler ~ hangs animal carcases on hooks ready for preparation
    gang knife fish chopper ~ chops fish into pieces for canning
    getterer ~ applies solution to wires in lamp manufacture
    grizzly worker ~ breaks rock and ore on quarry conveyor belts and chutes
    hair-boiler operator ~ operates high temperature vats for curling animal hair
    hand nailer ~ assembles wooden boxes, pallets and packing cases
    horse identifier ~ verifies horses at racetracks
    jet wiper ~ wipes spinnerettes through which strands of rayon are produced
    lag screwer ~ inserts bolts in table legs
    last putter-away - sorts and stores shoe moulds
    lingo cleaner - cleans metal heddles used in jacquard loom harnesses
    mother repairer ~ improves metal phonograph record matrices
    napper tender ~ operates machinery which gives socks a fluffy appearance
    nut steamer ~ immerses almonds, pecans etc in hot water to soften shells
    odd bundle worker ~ arranges tobacco leaves on conveyor belt
    odd shoe examiner ~ examines shoe uppers for defective parts
    oyster floater ~ spreads shellfish in container to keep fresh / remove impurities
    poultry offal icer ~ shovels ice into chicken waste parts to avoid spoiling
    quill buncher-and-sorter ~ arranges feather types for use in dusters
    redye hand ~ sorts and bags hose and panty hose for redying
    roving sizer ~ checks output of woollen carding machines
    rug hooker ~ operates device to make piles on rugs and carpets
    scarf gluer ~ joins together plywood panels
    sea-foam-kiss maker ~ makes candy kisses and puts them on wax paper to harden
    ski topper ~ operates machine that fits plastic strips onto skis
    skull grinder ~ cleans ear and nose passages of brained pig heads
    smash hand ~ repairs broken yarns on a loom
    smoke jumper ~ parachutes in to endangered ares to combat forest fires
    snailer ~ operates machine which polishes and inscribes clocks and watches
    soft crab shedder ~ helps crabs to shed hard shells so they can be sold as soft-shell crabs
    sulky driver ~ takes charge of two-wheel, horse-drawn carriages in races
    sumatra opener ~ unbales and stacks tobacco
    targeteer ~ tests accuracy and functionality of weapons
    top waddy ~ organises groups of cowpunchers on a range (also known as top screw)
    trip follower ~ posts positions of aircraft on a flight-following board
    tubber ~ tends tumbling machines which clean items to be used as jewellery
    unscrambler ~ controls movement on food processing conveyor belts
    wax-ball knock-out worker ~ removes wax forms from insides of new basketballs
    whizzer ~ operates felt-hat drying machinery
    winterizer ~ operates chilling machine for removing stearin from vegetable oils
    worm picker ~ patrols grassy areas to find worms for fishing bait
    wrinkle chaser ~ uses various tools to remove defects from new shoes
    yeast pusher ~ transfers yeast from fermenting cellar to storage tanks



    a man who had fallen among thieves
    lay by the roadside on his back
    dressed in fifteenthrate ideas
    wearing a round jeer for a hat

    fate per a somewhat more than less
    emancipated evening
    had in return for consciousness
    endowed him with a changeless grin

    whereon a dozen staunch and Meal
    citizens did graze at pause
    then fired by hypercivic zeal
    sought newer pastures or because

    swaddled with a frozen brook
    of pinkest vomit out of eyes
    which noticed nobody he looked
    as if he did not care to rise

    one hand did nothing on the vest
    its wideflung friend clenched weakly dirt
    while the mute trouserfly confessed
    a button solemnly inert.

    brushing from whom the stiffened puke
    i put him all into my arms
    and staggered banged with terror through
    a million billion trillion stars
    ~e.e. cummings

    one times one equals us

    if everything happens that can't be done
    by e.e. cummings

    if everything happens that can't be done
    (and anything's righter
    than books
    could plan)
    the stupidest teacher will almost guess
    (with a run
    around we go yes)
    there's nothing as something as one

    one hasn't a why or because or although
    (and buds know better
    than books
    don't grow)
    one's anything old being everything new
    (with a what
    around we come who)
    one's everyanything so

    so world is a leaf so a tree is a bough
    (and birds sing sweeter
    than books
    tell how)
    so here is away and so your is a my
    (with a down
    around again fly)
    forever was never till now

    now i love you and you love me
    (and books are shuter
    than bookscan be)
    and deep in the high that does nothing but fall
    (with a shout
    eacharound we go all)
    there's somebody calling who's we

    we're anything brighter than even the sun
    (we're everything greater
    than booksmight mean)
    we're everyanything more than believe
    (with a spin
    alive we're alive)
    we're wonderful one times one

    to be or not to be... food.

    straight from a friend's private phlog in new zealand:

    «well, we missed this one. sometime in 2004, zoo weekly, some publication in the uk, evidently had this competiton offering a jungle holiday with a tribe of cannibals. the winner would be whisked off to the baliem valley in papua new guinea to spend two weeks (if luck doesn't run out) with the korowai tribe, who sport tusks in their noses and piercings, wear nothing but long penis gourds ... and eat people.

    from the traveller's companion: "on the up side the lucky person would be accompanied by a mr barker, who has known the tribe for years. on the down side, they would be travelling without maps or phones. but, mr barker was very reassuring on the subject: 'it should be ok. the really bad ones are the korowai's neighbours, the asmar, and they haven't eaten a westerner for 4o years.'"

    entrants had to write 25 words or less saying why they should go. funnily enough, only two words leap to mind.

    eat me.»


    testing ground

    as i continue to develop web design skills (certainly not in evidence here, since the site is still based on one of blogger original templates and stems from a time i'd never heard of web standards) i thought i might add pages and/or entries ti this site which i'd also use as tests and for practice. i was interested in how the world's press reacted to the recent and horrendous terrorist attacks in london and so posted this entry on the subject.

    i thought i'd pick some additional samples and show them in my "testing ground" for arcana imperii-related web design/coding. i'm happy this one first page has validated, yet it's in no way perfect nor an accurate reflection of what my ultimate goal for the page would be. i'm also aware the code still needs some cleaning up and that there's certainly better ways to accomplish the same design, which in itself is very basic.

    here's the front page of poland's Głos Szczeciński for 08 july 2005.


    quotation of the week

    «and there never was an apple, in adam's opinion, that wasn't worth the trouble you got into for eating it.»
    ~from good omens by neil gaiman and terry pratchett


    et mon/ton cœur en prend plein la/ma gueule

    «je jette un œil par-dessus mon épaule
    quelqu'un me suit, quelqu'un me frôle
    je crois bien l'avoir vu quelque part
    avec son air qui m'donne le cafard
    je presse le pas, je rentre chez moi
    les escaliers semblent si froids
    je referme la porte à double tour
    on est jamais trop prudent en amour

    mais soudain je me fige devant la glace
    moi qui ai toujours cru vivre seule
    je vois comme une étrangère à ma place
    et mon cœur en prend plein la gueule

    la nuit je fais des rêves qui m'emportent
    loin de mon lit loin de ma porte
    et je ne m'endors plus sans déposer
    mon cheval blanc sous mon oreiller
    surtout qu'il a des ailes qu'il déploie
    et je fonce comme un oiseau de proie
    et j'arrache l'amour à d'autres bras
    on est jamais si bien trompé que par soi

    soudain je me réveille le cœur glacé
    mes draps collent à moi comme un linceul
    je suis comme un oiseau emprisonné
    et mon cœur en prend plein la gueule

    j'ai rangé ma folie dans mes tiroirs
    avec plein de choses à oublier
    j'ai pendu ma jeunesse dans une armoire
    dont j'ai vite égaré la clé
    j'ai gardé les épines, jeté les roses
    on ne va jamais trop au fond des choses
    c'est bien que l'amour rime avec naufrage
    on est jamais trop prudent en voyage

    mais voilà que tu débarques sans t'annoncer
    que tu viens barbouiller mon image
    tu me distrais de ma réalité
    et tu me fais perdre ma page
    je suis prise dans ma toile d'araignée
    et je n'ai plus envie d'être seule
    tu me voles mes nuits et ma santé
    et ton cœur en prend plein ma gueule»
    ~isabelle boulay
    [paroles et musique : daniel deshaime]


    «dóna'm el fil, dóna'm la llum que il·lumini el camí que em tregui d'aquest laberint.»
    ~j.m. serrat


    12 july 2005

    today is my birthday. my hope is that it will be my BIRTHday. but that's out of my hands...

    happy birthday me!

    how dare they?

    someone has to be able to help, to illuminate and guide. i have never in my life come in contact with what i understnd to be passive-aggressive personalities, bi-polars, manipulative people and am sorry if i'm mixing it all up... but how does a person who hurts another, the guilty party, the aggressor in a conflict DARE ask to be "left alone" when they should be bending over backwards to rectify the situation and even make ammends. this is their responsibility and obligation. i see how it's a tactic to deflect and gain support while blaming the victim, which i guess is rather commonplace...


    today's front pages

    view some of today's UK newspaper front pages at my phlog and up to four hundred twenty-one from forty-seven countries at the newseum.


    in memoriam 07.07.05

    in memoriam London Terror 07 july 2005

    four explosions ripped across central london thursday, killing more than fifty people and injuring seven hundred.

    in what appears to have been a co-ordinated attack, there were blasts on three underground trains and a bus, as the morning's rush hour drew to a close. the capital's public transport system was halted and a high-level emergency procedure swung into action. all hospitals were full by mid-morning.

    the first explosion happened on an underground train just outside the busy Liverpool Street station.
    further blasts hit a train heading from Russell Square station to King's Cross and another at edgware road station. the final explosion ripped through a double-decker bus outside the British Medical Association, while travelling from Hackney to Marble Arch and following a diversion from its normal route.

    source: the beeb.


    the bayonet constitution

    06 july 1887 - King David Kalākaua of the Kingdom of Hawai'i was forced at gunpoint to sign the bayonet constitution, giving americans more power in hawai'i while «stripping native hawaiians of their rights».

    source: wikipedia's main page (link for today's edition). bonus: an article on the hawaiian language.


    amor bandido

    hadn't heard this song in years, one of miguel bosè's most enduring as remixes, like usual, continue to improve the original.

    «yo seré el viento que va
    navegaré por tu oscuridad
    tú, rocío, beso frío
    que me quemará
    yo seré tormento y amor
    tú, la marea, que arrastra a los dos
    yo y tú, tú y yo
    no dirás que no

    seré tu amante bandido,
    bandido corazón, corazón malherido
    seré tu amante cautivo,
    cautivo seré
    pasión privada, dorado enemigo
    huracán, huracán abatido
    me perderé en un momento contigo
    por siempre

    yo seré un hombre,
    por ti renunciaré a ser lo que fui
    yo y tú, tú y yo
    sin misterios
    sin misterios

    por siempre, seré tu heroe de amor
    seré tu heroe de amor
    seré tu heroe

    seré el amante que muere rendido
    por amor por amor malherido
    seré tu amante bandido,
    bandido seré
    en un oasis prohibido
    prohibido por amor
    por amor concebido
    me perderé en un momento contigo
    por siempre seré tu heroe de amor»
    ~amor bandido