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to be or not to be... food.

straight from a friend's private phlog in new zealand:

«well, we missed this one. sometime in 2004, zoo weekly, some publication in the uk, evidently had this competiton offering a jungle holiday with a tribe of cannibals. the winner would be whisked off to the baliem valley in papua new guinea to spend two weeks (if luck doesn't run out) with the korowai tribe, who sport tusks in their noses and piercings, wear nothing but long penis gourds ... and eat people.

from the traveller's companion: "on the up side the lucky person would be accompanied by a mr barker, who has known the tribe for years. on the down side, they would be travelling without maps or phones. but, mr barker was very reassuring on the subject: 'it should be ok. the really bad ones are the korowai's neighbours, the asmar, and they haven't eaten a westerner for 4o years.'"

entrants had to write 25 words or less saying why they should go. funnily enough, only two words leap to mind.

eat me.»