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testing ground

as i continue to develop web design skills (certainly not in evidence here, since the site is still based on one of blogger original templates and stems from a time i'd never heard of web standards) i thought i might add pages and/or entries ti this site which i'd also use as tests and for practice. i was interested in how the world's press reacted to the recent and horrendous terrorist attacks in london and so posted this entry on the subject.

i thought i'd pick some additional samples and show them in my "testing ground" for arcana imperii-related web design/coding. i'm happy this one first page has validated, yet it's in no way perfect nor an accurate reflection of what my ultimate goal for the page would be. i'm also aware the code still needs some cleaning up and that there's certainly better ways to accomplish the same design, which in itself is very basic.

here's the front page of poland's Głos Szczeciński for 08 july 2005.