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for the love of... pigs?!

there's certainly more to anyone's mood than could be gathered from having a quick look at their blog's sidebar, for instance. and proving that "even when you feel you've reached the bottom of a bottomless pit someone can still make you laugh" is not just a bromide i've just authored is what seems to be a fifteen-year-old asian girl (in the philippines perhaps?) who describes herself as «sum1 who will devote my whole life into findin' ways to stop world hunger and pollutions if thr's a way. (real serious kaes.....) just a simple gal to blog my day here, and simply wishes to c the whole world's elderly esp my granny to be happy...yup! and well, a serious pig lover who wish to marry blacks in the future».

«wait, what?» i hear you say... please read on...

she also writes that thinking of pigs is the only comfort she has when sorrow and emptiness engulf her. i figured she might be on to something and so i look round her site a bit more and find this, which i have edited:

«life for me was like soaring in the sky but with tired wings.
my life was totally changed from the moment darkness filled my world.
i can't run, i can't hide. there's nothing i can do.
seeing these pigs just relieves my sadness.
thinking about these pigs loosens my tight heart.
laughing out loud oftens bring about my tears...
i want to escape, but thre's no help.
i can feel my heart sinking each day, sinking into sorrows.
the only moment i feel safe is when i return to eerie darkness.
i am really tired.
i walk in darkness, with emptiness devouring me...
yet i'd rather remain in this darkness.
to stay in darkness with my love for pigs?»

i asked the same question, really... but please, do read on, her blog entry is hilarious!

[wednesday, 13 july 2005: boy oh boy...]

«hmm... finally made it to wake up at 6am today, usual cases, finding myself unable to open my eyes, and having goosebumps caused by the morning coldness...
yup, thn i forcibly on the lights, realised my room had become mre spacious now, cos' ystd evening i shifted my brother's table to the wall, and mine to the wall near the window... resulting the center of my room being hollow, which i think had really been mre spacious, and could haf been mre spacious if not for my double decker bed... sigh...
thn when i finally got the washroom to haf my usual morning bathe, jeez! i found my 11-year-old brother's yellow underwear lying so triangulary on the toilet floor, while he is happily eating his breakfast away....(having a morning shock in the morning ish never good fer health)... so, he expect me, his older sis to pick his underwear up? c'mon... no way... so, i screamed fer he to come back to the washroom to pick up his underwear and throw it into the laundry basket... fantabulous... already 11 yrs old yet still discarding his dirty wear anywhr... sigh... didn't pri schs haf health education? and yup, it's obvious his t'cher should be improving his cme, cos' he is obviously not improving in his moral!!! when he's been fighting wif me fer thgs and giving me shocks... fantabulous ...

finally, i bathe peacefully... and yup, tt incident in the washroom deprived me of breakfast cos' it happened tt my breakfast is sandwich, which is triangular, and reminds me of my stupid bro's disgusting yellow underwear...fantabulous...»

she's so funny! hahaha...

and for the life of me i can't find the blog's url! i hope to update later. cheers.