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what are you? saint or sinner?

«the only difference between saints and sinners is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future» ~ oscar wilde

hey, you. my bro... listen up!

«if i choke, boy
you start me up again
restring my wires y'know
this gearbox
can make the shift
polish my rims
damned if you do
damned if you don't
i swear it seems of late boy
i've even curved this body
to fit your bow»
~ tori amos


did u notice?

US Seacretary of State = US SOS

don't miss the "new SOS" series on the new face of american diplomacy over @ JayJDC... ad interim.

shame on you, miss jones

how about if you, miss jones, and every single member of your family get swept out to sea by a tidal wave sixty-feet high and the rest of us watch and laughingly sing a chorus of, "swim, you bitch, swim"? what, suddenly your we are the world parody doesn't seem so funny, does it, you, ignorant, vulgar wench?!

this was her response to criticism (by co-star miss info, herself of asian extraction): «all you asians think you're superior.» co-star todd lynn added he was going to «shoot some asians».

the offensive chorus, sung in the same cadence as the hook on we are the world went: so now you're screwed/ it's the tsunami/ you'd better run, or kiss your ass away/ go find your mommy, i just saw her float by/ a tree went right through her head/ and now your children will be sold into child slavery».

but of course, this isn't about a nipple, damn and blast, so i guess much uproar isn't to be expected, is it?

shame on you, tasha nicole jones, along with all those who listen to your vulgar, ignorant, immature sad excuse for entertainment and haven't raised their voices in anger, shame on any other supporters and shame on sponsors and your sation if you're ever again allowed to even utter the semblance of an audible sound on the air. you all disgust me.

read more.


quotations of the week

«weaker than a woman's tear,
tamer than sleep, fonder than ignorance,
less valiant than the virgin in the night,
and skilless as unpractised infancy.»
«i cannot fight upon this argument:
it is too starved a subject for my sword.»

~troilus and cressida, attrib. to shakespeare

«to be unable to master one's heart would seem to make one a slave to the passions, since mastery of the heart presumably means mastery of the passions. such mastery is traditionally understood to be the accomplishment of reason. such control, whether effected by will or by reason, implies a harmony between soul and body, a harmony absent in him.»



definitions on the web:
    revengeful: disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge; «more vindictive than jealous love» ~ attrib. to shakespeare; «punishments...essentially vindictive in their nature» ~m.r. cohen

    despiteful: showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite; «a despiteful fiend»; «a truly spiteful child»; «a vindictive man will look for occasions for resentment».

source: cogsci.princeton via google define:.

miserable monday. boo!

yes, it's the horrid 24 january again, january blues day, and while its particular nastiness for me did not quite come to being as a result of the clock signalling 12:01 am, everything will certainly feel and be worse no matter what, because it is the 24th. for starters it's -10,5°C/13°F and it doesn't feel much warmer in my impossibly drafty flat (most of the windows have needed adjustment/replacing for years) and am dangerously emotionally drained (thx to my own personal voldemort).

"apply the baloney detection kit!" i hear you scream. "how can you write anything of the sort!" i hear you add. well, it's partly tradition and guess what, there's a formula:
    1/8w+(D-d) 3/8 × tq m × na
where w: weather, D: debt, d: money due in january pay, t: time since xmas, q: time since failed quit attempt, m: general motivational levels, na: the need to take action. i shall not divulge my current MM quotient. you certainly have your own to deal with right now.

so i'm just going to look forward to tomorrow, when for the first time ever, i shall celebrate burns night. leave it to the scots to find a way to celebrate so brilliantly when the calendar doesn't has no other festivities in sight. now, where could i find a curry or hot & spicy haggis in washington, dc..?

you are stellar indeed

while most of the planet's inhabitants seem to choose myths they consider to be literally true to explain their origins, mine has almost always been to attempt a more intellectual and scientific approach. it has taken me upwards, to the heavens indeed, but yielded infinitely more accurate, realistic, true, mysterious, fascinating, rewarding, almost incredible discoveries. here's one:

«life begins with the process of star formation. we are made of stardust. every atom of every element in your body except for hydrogen has been manufactured inside stars, scattered across the universe in great stellar explosions, and recycled to become part of you. the hydrogen is primordial material, produced in the big bang, along with helium (there is no helium in your body). hydrogen and helium together formed the raw material for the first generation of stars, some 12 billion years ago, but everything else has been built up by nuclear fusion in stellar furnaces.»

exract, introduction, stardust: the cosmic recycling of stars, planets and people by john gribbin. via the ever splendid and brilliant babski. have a look at this entry as well.


the stronger soul

stronger soul

«never does the human soul appear so strong as when it forgoes revenge, and dares to forgive an injury.» ~e.h. chapin


the $28,000 sandwich

an online casino placed a winning bid of US$28,000 on eBay for a ten-year-old partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich, seen here including my comment, said to bear the image of the so-called virgin mary.

as i said there, it's now time to scour the fridge for anything eBay- and gullible-worthy...

what's stupider?

«can anything be stupider than that a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though i have not quarrelled with him?» ~blaise pascal

yes. the men who support said rulers.


quotation of the week and statement of purpose

«to laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics, to endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better [...] to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived [...]» ~emerson



arcana imperi's first anniversary


no WMDs. surprise, surprise.

no weapons were found. not news. surely you knew that as the counter featured in the sidebar to the left still adds up to zero... that they've given up the search... newsworthy. the aftermath? just watch... american's couldn't care less. accountability? what's that? the country buried its conscience long ago and finds it too mentally exhausting to get properly informed and question the assertions of an administration supported by millions who don't understand how scepticism, dissent, rocking the boat, honesty and the unhindered right to individually pursue life, liberty and happiness responsibly are the foundations of our democracy now we're just too busy sponsoring charades masquerading as democratic electoral processes anywhere we can place a ballot box and call it the vox populi. shameful.



[...] i never planned on this but its the way it goes and now it all seems so familiar like pages turned on calendars we get the same twelve months to fuck things up year after year. and i can't believe how down i am like the well i'm being lowered in, the water stops, the bucket drops us farther and farther down. well i guess that you never knew me, or at least not well enough. so i fill my gut with dark red wine until my brain shuts off and my eyes go blind. you won't see me there in that thick black air. i'll finally make something disappear. because i've been practising disappearing and i think that i've got it down but now there is no sun just a cellar. nowhere a sky, just that black, black dirt. expanding outwards just echoes for answers. not that it matters if it's back or it's forwards. unhappy lovers with baskets of flowers use them as markers --the place where our bed once stood. a time when it still felt good. but you'll get that feeling back. yeah, you just need some time to think and to add up the hell, get it straight in your mind. but to calculate costs that may take some time. but i'm sure you'll get to feeling better. yeah i just need some time to drink. so i fill my gut with that blood red wine 'till my insides swim and my veins unwind. i'll be riding there in that hot white air. once that something's gone, it might never reappear. and then you'll realise what i've given up for us and it may just be too too late.


internet explorer - the swiss cheese of browsers

swiss cheese indeed. it couldn't have any more holes if they tried... security holes that is, which even make windows xp sp2 machines vulnerable to attack and remote manipulation.

there are well over three windows vulnerabilities already broadly known on the net, some of which have working exploits available, for which patches are not available. last week, uk-based researchers at secunia ltd warned of three «extremely critical» holes in internet explorer. the firm said exploit code was available, that works against ie 6, even on a windows xp service pack 2 box. in december, a chinese research outfit, xfocus team, disclosed three image-handling vulnerabilities in windows that could be exploited to take over machines via email or the web. patches are not yet available. and eeye digital security inc, one of the security firms that does not disclose details of vulnerabilities before patches are available, currently says it is waiting for microsoft to patch two high-severity bugs, one of which it found in august, one of which it found in november.

microsoft recently started alerting security administrators on the thursday preceding the second tuesday of each month what they can expect the following week. in its advance notification the company stated that there shall be at least three patches this week, which will likely require the patched computer to be restarted after the patch is applied.

via computer business review online.

quotation of the week

he shines in a world full of ugliness
he matters when everything is meaningless
fragile i remain
he pretends not to see our beauty
in the shadows to remain
he now tries to get away
while nothing seems worth saving
i won't let him slip away
~j/nIn, 10.I.05



quotation of the week

«wisdom comes with winters.» ~a florentine tragedy, oscar wilde



my mobile's insight

i am constantly surprised by the words sharing t9 input key combinations in my mobile's dictionary. i've intended to make note of all of them, but the need to dispatch sms/mms missives as quickly as possible usually hinders my attempts. i shall now make a greater effort (no this is not a new year resolution-- i abhor the idea of setting myself up for sabotage, despite my being a rather «goal-oriented» chap) given that i just noticed a rather meaningful combo: bemused / centred. brilliant.

what wondrous love is this? wait, "wondrous"? hmmm

what wondrous love is this, o my soul, o my soul!
what wondrous love is this, o my soul!
what wondrous love is this that caused the lord of bliss
to bear the dreadful curse for my soul, for my soul,
to bear the dreadful curse for my soul.
[     ]
and when from death i'm free, i'll sing on, i'll sing on;
and when from death i'm free, i'll sing on.
and when from death i'm free, i'll sing and joyful be;
and through eternity, i'll sing on, i'll sing on;
and through eternity, i'll sing on
~attributed to alexander means

fantastic fantasia

last friday 31 december, at both 12:12 and 23:40 i listened for the first and second times ever, ernest tomlinson's fantasia on auld lang syne and i can't wait to listen to it again! but first i must find it... the version i heard on weta-fm/npr radio here in washington, dc was performed by the royal ballet sinfonia, conducted by gavin sutherland and recorded on white line 2155. i doubt there's a western composer mr tomlison didn't quote! his work practically encompasses the entire western music canon. and it's so festive and powerful it allowed me to forget... even if only for a few minutes. now where to find this glorious little piece...

tonight at noon

[...] girls in bikinis are moonbathing
folksongs are being sung by real folk
art galleries are closed to people over 21
poets get their poems in the top 20
there's jobs for everybody and nobody wants them
in back alleys everywhere teenage lovers are kissing in broad daylight
in forgotten graveyards everywhere the dead will quietly bury the living
you will tell me you love me
tonight at noon

~adrian henri


auld lang syne

should auld acquaintance be forgot
tho' they return with scars?
these are the noble hero's lot
obtain'd in glorious wars
welcome, my varo, to my breast
thy arms about me twine
and make me once again as blest
as i was lang syne

methinks around us on each bough
a thousand cupids play
whils thro' the groves i walk with you
each object makes me gay
since your return the sun and moon
with brighter beams do shine
streams murmur soft notes while they run
as they did lang syne

midnight approaches

«life careers gravewards at a breakneck rate,
so drink and love [me], and leave the rest to fate.»

~tony harrison (b. 1953), british poet: palladas: poems (1975), no. 11. / the poems are versions of greek originals by the fourth-century alexandrian poet, palladas.