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shame on you, miss jones

how about if you, miss jones, and every single member of your family get swept out to sea by a tidal wave sixty-feet high and the rest of us watch and laughingly sing a chorus of, "swim, you bitch, swim"? what, suddenly your we are the world parody doesn't seem so funny, does it, you, ignorant, vulgar wench?!

this was her response to criticism (by co-star miss info, herself of asian extraction): «all you asians think you're superior.» co-star todd lynn added he was going to «shoot some asians».

the offensive chorus, sung in the same cadence as the hook on we are the world went: so now you're screwed/ it's the tsunami/ you'd better run, or kiss your ass away/ go find your mommy, i just saw her float by/ a tree went right through her head/ and now your children will be sold into child slavery».

but of course, this isn't about a nipple, damn and blast, so i guess much uproar isn't to be expected, is it?

shame on you, tasha nicole jones, along with all those who listen to your vulgar, ignorant, immature sad excuse for entertainment and haven't raised their voices in anger, shame on any other supporters and shame on sponsors and your sation if you're ever again allowed to even utter the semblance of an audible sound on the air. you all disgust me.

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