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miserable monday. boo!

yes, it's the horrid 24 january again, january blues day, and while its particular nastiness for me did not quite come to being as a result of the clock signalling 12:01 am, everything will certainly feel and be worse no matter what, because it is the 24th. for starters it's -10,5°C/13°F and it doesn't feel much warmer in my impossibly drafty flat (most of the windows have needed adjustment/replacing for years) and am dangerously emotionally drained (thx to my own personal voldemort).

"apply the baloney detection kit!" i hear you scream. "how can you write anything of the sort!" i hear you add. well, it's partly tradition and guess what, there's a formula:
    1/8w+(D-d) 3/8 × tq m × na
where w: weather, D: debt, d: money due in january pay, t: time since xmas, q: time since failed quit attempt, m: general motivational levels, na: the need to take action. i shall not divulge my current MM quotient. you certainly have your own to deal with right now.

so i'm just going to look forward to tomorrow, when for the first time ever, i shall celebrate burns night. leave it to the scots to find a way to celebrate so brilliantly when the calendar doesn't has no other festivities in sight. now, where could i find a curry or hot & spicy haggis in washington, dc..?