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01~21 september 2005

is it good luck when a disaster saves you from the consequences of your own choices? is it fortunate to get rescued at the last minute by the rule book you hold in contempt? these paradoxes tease you through one end of the week to the other. second chances are embedded in all that chaos and destruction. once the dust settles, search out the fragments that fit together best -- the rest will turn up of their own accord. less is still more.

sending out for intervention from a higher power may leave you vulnerable to forces you hadn't felt really existed. do you have any real choice? nope, not this time. open the door, light your lamp, trim your wick and keep your powder dry. soon, you'll see action.

when it all comes to a head, it really comes to a head. you hoped to miss out on the ultimate ego showdown, but there's no way out of the ok corral without some kind of violence. if it's limited to your aesthetic or sensibilities, you're getting off lightly and would do well to celebrate your relatively unscathed condition. share survival skills with the less fortunate, not by covering their butts too, but by teaching them to take advantage of their inner fortitude.

are you infused with the spirit of expansiveness at home? is there a chance that you come off more like a (benevolent) dictator than a happy homemaker? if you must play the tyrant, don't forget to dress up with lots of shiny medals and ribbons. green things up at work.

go to the mats for what matters. make a stand based on the darkness from which you're now at liberty. your experiences can take you farther than you've ever been in search of your most authentic, least programmed self. but you'll need another go at those pesky details that still won't be tamed by any system of management with which you're yet familiar. there's a totemic animal waiting to serve as your guide through this next stage of development.

symbiosis is not parasitism. you're giving out and you're getting back and the balance is as fair as can be. cut yourself some slack, and share that round with anyone else who could use a break right now. these accidental allies could become formidable accomplices. charm.

note: attribution forthcoming.