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stop thief!

my beautiful, if out of tune, piano was one of the first things my neighbours, friends and strangers alike attempted to save from the vultures and piranhas happy to dispossess me of my property last week, as i lost my home of twelve-years. i worked long, arduous hours to purchase it years ago, and dedicated longer hours still to learn how to play it a bit... it represented and embodied deeply personal ambition, frustration, regret, achievement, that it's disappearance is a crime i would punish by personally chopping the hands off the perpetrators... a caveat: foot-in-mouth possible if a kind soul, unable to locate me (not likely), has it in custody.

my kawai had been placed in the bulding's parking lot, behind a gate which presumably can only be opened by residents and staff. i covered it with white-goose down featherbeds, pillows and down cushions in an attempt to protect it from the elements but these were stolen overnight, in complete disegard of the notice i had written in a most shaky and distressed hand appealing all to help protect and save this instrument. the heavens co-operated and apparently not a perceptible drop of rain has fallen since "the event"... but when i went to retrieve the piano yesterday afternoon i discovered it had been moved. but nobody rang with any news... the condominium board, as far as i, and hopefully the law, are concerned, should be held responsible and accountable for this most mean-spirited dishonourable, unethical, illegal act.

any thoughts? can anyone help?