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my home is no more

i lost my home of twelve years one week ago tomorrow. lost it to avarice, abuse of process, mean-spiritedness and the worst kind of human scum on the planet. i was twelve days late on $1500 rent plus disputed fees. not only was the roof over my head taken from me, but apparently ordinary americans feel and think that private property labelled as such, yet sitting on the pavement is somehow public property to be stolen in broad daylight and with impunity, even while cameras click away...

lost is also a great degree of innocence and faith in the fellow man. even in some who once upon a time found themselves enjoying the honour of my friendship and love. fortunately, strangers, human «angels» very much of flesh and blood, quickly proved that for every parasite disguised as homo sapiens, there's incalculable kindness and greatness in the souls/minds/hearts (one and the same to me) of people who've earned my gratitude until my demise.

a full account of this tragedy shall find its way to these pages as soon as i find less temporary shelter.