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the hell with you!

«WETA 90.9 FM in wahington, dc is no longer a mixed format station that broadcasts classical music... i know that this change will be difficult for some. [but you know what? get a life and get over it! we've sold out and are here to serve our particular corporate backers and personal financial interests. we've pledged to uphold the principles of the aol philosophy of life and so vow to serve the interests of the lowest common denominator among you. so if you're one of the millions of stupid nerds interested in classical music, buy your own CDs you cheap bastards, and play them at home or work or in your dilapidated chauffeur-less pintos, advert-free and to your antiquated heart's content. we're here to make money, mulah, big cheddar, you hear, and not to provide music for the soul of the intellectual, cultured, élite minority and other wannabees. but you're more than welcome to renew your pledges of support].» ~sharon rockefeller, [fbic*]

*fbic: fat bitch in charge. [no offence nor disrespect intended].