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[public draft]

i've been re-reading some letters in order to address what may still require attention, especially now that a pivotal deadline passed essentially (though not strictly technically) unheeded. well, i just realised that the only reason my correspondent has for saying certain things is that they are utterly irrelevant. naturally this is right out of the "how to push buttons and avoid reality" manual whose study i skipped entirely at whatever stage it is offered in the regressive education of the american male. i am ill equipped to handle such pseudo-effective passive/aggressive manipulation and can only ignore one thing at a time. still, they don't remain so for long, which restarts the cycle.

so i guess all this gives me reason to become more optimistic, and i hence believe that things can only get worse. what else is reasonable since in order to end the war, apparently one must suspend the use of reason and absolutely refuse to be assertive... pain never hurts anyone, right?

updated, 03.03.05 @ 06:28:01 et. the strikes do not imply a deletion, but perchance a change in circumstance?