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tech note: the sidebar

the "behaviour" of the taskbar to the left changed a few weeks ago and the section either loads smoothly and quickly, patience-shatteringly slowly... or more often than not, not at all! with many of us having already abandoned MSIE, checking out the alternatives beyond mozilla and firefox offerings (which i intensely dislike), swithching to a secure browser; forced to constantly disable, enable, set to prompt the internet options settings regarding active x contols or even safe java scripts and different programmes loaded trying to pick up where others fail; with users configuring firewalls without any manual or optimum settings guide from even the bloody manufacturers, using the horoscope and divination method, it is somewhat of a "miracle" one's able to at least offer a decent, somewhat pleasing and computer-safe site that people can actually reach! please bear with me as i attempt to understand why the sidebar's acting up and find a solution. in any case, i'm working on a new design which at least in temporary or test incarnation shall be online soon. if someone has any ideas regarding the sidebar, please drop a kine or two in a comment or send an electronic note.