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tsunami relief efforts

over eighty thousand dead so far. the suffering and need of survivors remains hardly imaginable to a young man sitting at home half a world away, even if in the midst of his own troubles and what at times seem like insurmountable difficulties. meanwhile, our own government, which finds it appropriate to spend millions upon millions of its citizens hard-earned money to attack, invade and occupy foreign and sovereign nations under false pretenses, can't commit the resources necessary to alleviate the horror as quickly as they can plan and pull off the next smoke-and-mirrors trick for the gullible american masses. so it falls upon our hands to do yet again what we've always done-- reach into our pockets and share our wealth and richness even in poverty with the survivors.

the following agencies are accepting contributions to help assist those affected by this week's earthquake and tidal waves across asia:
    american red cross
    international response fund
    po box 37243
    washington, dc 20013

    asia relief
    19409 olive tree way
    gaithersburgh, md 20879

    assn. for india's development
    aid zone 3, po box 4801
    mountain view, california 94040-0801

    tsunami relief, inc
    9302 lee highway, fifth floor
    fairfax, virginia 22031

    b'nai b'rith disaster relief fund
    2020 k street, nw, seventh floor
    washington, dc 20006

    adra international
    12501 old columbia pike
    silver spring, maryland 20904
note that fellow washingtonians and visitors are also queueing up at the indonesian embassy's chancery, just round the block at 2020 massachusetts avenue, nw to sign condolence books in sympathy for the country's devastating loss.