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i need a drink

sonntag, orbach and shaw are dead. the new tallest building in the world has opened its doors, her majesty gave her xmas address, a farting toy has been recalled in hong kong, the ukraine's an unbelievable mess and so is the sudan not to mention darfour, i am broken-hearted, i did not get to see my family this holiday season, half the people i considered friends proved to be the most negatively selfish pond-scum i'd ever let close to me, the national book awards were a great surprise back in november, most people i've come across this week did not know the meaning of the word tsunami which is just unbelievable to me, which maybe has something to do with the utter disrespect for people's time some seem to display as the hallmark of their personality, a year of rather brilliant theatre is wrapping up in dc, and i can barely write and post about any of it because i can barely sit at my desktop thanks to bloody microsoft and their half-baked buggy software. my computer has experienced all but an explosion which i fear will indeed take place as soon as i smash the motherboard with a baseball bat.

oh i need a bottle of red. time to sign off. cheers.