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help counter GOP smear campaign on telly

president bush still won't condemn his supporters' outrageous «swift boat» advert despite calls from republican leaders, vietnam veterans and over 175,000 signatories to yesterday's petition -- including 6,000 current military service members and their families. we must make certain bush pays a political price for green-lighting the spreading of outright lies about john kerry's leadership and service in vietnam.

we've put together our own ad that sets the facts straight on john kerry's time in the military. it also points out bush's hypocrisy in condoning an attack on a combat veteran, after he himself failed to show up for service in the national guard. US$200,000 are needed to start airing this advert today. we can put it on telly in precisely the markets where the «swift boat» spot ran, making sure that no swing voters are misled by this vile smear campaign.

view the new advert and contribute to get it on the air here.