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flashmob (the opera)

as if british trains needed additional excuses for their usual delays, this autumn the beeb will mount a live opera broadcast of a new work aimed at a young audience set inside a mainline station and performed as commuters are making their way home from work.

«the project uses familiar arias from operas such as madame butterfly and la traviata, set to a new story by stephen powell and with new english words.
based loosely on the myth of orpheus and eurydice, it follows an engaged couple, mike and sally, whose relationship runs into trouble because of mike's obsession with football. after an argument, mike goes to the railway station to catch a train to a football match. sally pursues him, but encounters a handsome stranger at the station. in addition to the bemused travellers, the producers have arranged to "flashmob" the event - 100 or so people will be sent a text message on the day, asking them to turn up at the designated station and sing along with the professional performers.»

the event will require an hour's suspension of station announcements (except in the event of a security alert)...

do have a look at the linked story for more; this sounds like a hilarious project indeed!