arcana imperii :: the book of j


some excuses

i'd love to and know we have to but...

  • i changed the lock on my door and now i can't get out.
  • i did my own thing and now i've got to undo it.
  • i have to bleach my... hare.
  • i have to check the freshness dates on my dairy products.
  • i have to fluff my shower cap.
  • i have to fulfill my potential.
  • i have to jog my memory.
  • i have to pick the lint out of my belly button.
  • i have to stay home and see if i snore.
  • i just picked up a book called "glue in many lands" and i can't put it down.
  • i never go out on days that end in "y".
  • i prefer to remain an enigma.
  • i promised to help a friend fold road maps.
  • i was going to sort my paperclips.
  • i'm converting my calendar watch from julian to gregorian.
  • i'm going to count the bristles in my toothbrush.
  • i'm going to the missing persons bureau to see if anyone else is looking for me.
  • i'm having a conflict of interest with my alter ego.
  • i'm making a home-movie called «the growth of a bonsai».
  • i'm observing national apathy week.
  • i'm uncomfortable when i'm alone with others.
  • i've come down with a tiresome case of something or other.
  • it's too close to mid-century.
  • i'm alphabetising my crayons.
  • my patent is pending.
  • my subconscious says "i dunno".
  • can't find a single pair of matching socks.
  • the man on telly said to stay tuned and
    ... i'm tired, have to go to work, just want to go to bed, have a family thing, have a headache... bah.