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reuters reports that ABC will use a time delay during this year's live broadcast of the oscars on 27 february in an effort to, according to a network spokesman, «screen out any scandalous wardrobe malfunction or foul language».

despite all our glories and brilliance, we're also an endebted nation at war, addicted to violence and unwilling to enact rational and necessary gun control, we're a nation whose tyrannical masses just legitimised a radical, extremist and reactionary administration because apparently the rest is too busy watching pseudo-reality telly and eating itself to morbid obesity to get its lard arses off the sofa to cast a progressive vote, and we're worried about catching a nano-second glimpse of a partially exposed nipple or hearing language the vice-president himself finds appropriate for use on the senate floor and while in session?!

in this light, what's wrong with a bit o' censorship? first amendment, anyone?

via yahoo! news.